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Dez 27 2006, 4h57

I lucked out and got a boat load of iTunes gift cards for the holiday and birthday.

I have picked up a couple things I knew I wanted; Begin to Hope, Benjy Ferree's Leaving the Nest, and The Warning. I also picked up Songs We Sing - but not sure how I feel about this yet.

Here are a few things that I am definitely considering,
Somewhere In The City
Plane in Flames
Fern Knight's Music for Witched and Alchemists
Notes From The Underworld

Any recommendations? I will probably save some of the downloads for after the new year to see what goods come from 2007.


  • him525

    i want that Regina Spektor cd...im gonna buy it tomorrow i think...is it worth it?

    Dez 27 2006, 5h15
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