• thanks to

    Out 28 2006, 19h26

    After not regularly visiting for a longer while (in which some stupid changes in layout have happened on this page oO) and now being a little more present again (I finally managed to join some groups, hooray oO), I decided to:
    list a couple of artists which I got to know via

    Actually I had heard him before, but only I got to like him due to a friend of mine - which I got to know via
    So thanks to zyrax for ASP, and thanks to for zyrax :D

    Rob Zombie/White Zombie
    Almost the same as above: I recommended to a guy, which led me into a chat with him in which we talked about music, in which he recommended Rob Zombie to me.

    Insistently used to turn up in my recommendation radio, and I liked it each time, until I finally managed to remember the name ^^ Now I'm actually looking for some more songs... oO

    Cinema Strange
    Found it in the Similar Artists Lists for Rasputina and liked it.

    To what's more, I even finally found a community in which people actually knew and liked Voltaire!*happy* (the great and admirable Cuban singer, not the stupid German group or whatever one may think oO)

    Furthermore I received some very promising recommendations, on which I will work to have more of to listen to (was this correct grammar? Well, in the end I don't really care, I'm an artist, I may build freaky sentences ^^):
    Switchblade Symphony
    My Dying Bride
    Black Tape for a Blue Girl
    My Chemical Romance

    Anyone interested in helping me provide my musical experience? (-> give me some more music to listen to ^^)

    ~~had fun reading?~~
  • This weirdo mainstream test

    Set 26 2006, 12h26

    Go through your top 10 artists and add up the total number of listeners. Divide that number by 10; this is the average number of listeners for your top ten. Now divide the average by the number of Radiohead fans (Radiohead is the artists with the most listeners). Multiply the result by 100 - that is your "mainstream percentage".

    1 Voltaire 6.953
    2 Frank Sinatra 108.300
    3 Luna Luna 579
    4 Subway to Sally 11.118
    5 Unheilig 3.149
    6 Disturbed 117.784
    7 The 69 Eyes 30.924
    8 Incubus 203.847
    9 Faith and the Muse 7.922
    9 The Sisters of Mercy 33.978

    Total: some high number. where's my calculator... ah there: 524554.
    Divide by 10: okay, I can do that without calculator: 52455,4.
    Divide by the number of radiohead listeners: 372.222. Calculator again! ... -> 0,1409250394
    -> Multiply by 100: 14,09something.

    Means: I'm almost 15 % mainstream. Woohoo, great. oO

    (Still have to say: Actually I only listened to Frankie's Love and Marriage for those many times, and forgot to turn out the player when I left home oO anyways, and the Voltaire count might be not correct either, as there is also some German band with the same name linked with the same counter. But well, I'll be satified with being a 85% freak, right?)
  • happy: dream come true

    Set 26 2006, 11h58

    Sunday 17th of September... Berlin...

    YES! Disturbed live at Columbia Hall!

    Short pretext:

    1st pre-band, The Zico Chain, didn't know them before, but absolutely convincing - really liked them.

    2nd pre-band: Nevermore - yukk. Annoying. Really not my music. All these long-haired beer-bellied I-mop-the-air-senselessly-with-my-flimsy-hair-rockers... nothing for me, really. I was bored for more than half an hour - At least an occasion to sit down and relax.

    But then Disturbed really... just... rocked.
    I can't believe it, it's like I fell senseless, it was great and amazing.
    Only a pity that Draiman lost his voice a little after a while. And they didn't play Ten Thousand Fists, although they had named their tour after it... oO
    Anyway, my most wanted were there: Prayer and Liberate, so I'm really content.

    No, really, I'm honestly satisfied, it's a dream come true, and it was definitely worth the 2 1/2 hours drive to Berlin, the waiting from 1 am till 4 am for our ride, the 3 1/2 hours drive back, the being late and the not having slept except for 2 hours in the car, the sour throat and the kind of cold I'm still fighting with. Yes, it was definitely worth it.

    I can only repeat: Going to see Disturbed live was a dream of mine which has now been fulfilled.
    (Next time I'll maybe even go up front a little more, as on the balcony the were not really like moshing, and how can you stand still when your favorite music is played?)

    There is only one more band missing, and you'll see me as a... musically... happy and fulfilled person ^^
  • gross things you should really try

    Ago 15 2006, 9h47

    There are some things in this world which are neither necessary nor really attractive to most people.
    Anyway, you sometimes get into this mood - imagine you hungry and normal cereals are just too boring.
    For this occasion take this list (oh, and add it, if you please) with things that aren't really delicious, but err... can't describe it, try yourselves ^^

    . Bread with Honey and Pickles. They say it's a pregnancy snack, but I promise, it won't make you any pregnant.

    . Bread with EverythingYouHaveInYourRefrigerator on it. Personally, I wouldn't do it, as we have several kinds of jam, cheese, cold cuts, butter, margarine, mayonnaise, ketchup, and some nutella stuff (not the nutella brand... it's actually reformhaus stuff). But well, our chinese guest student decided to eat this mixture, after three days of not having breakfast, and he sticked to his decision....

    . Order something from a delivery service. Pizza serves well, but Chinese is best. Don't eat everything in the evening. In the morning, don't have breakfast. Seat yourself in front of TV/computer screen, get your chopsticks and dig in.
    (Don't forget to brush your teeth afterwards. You'll stink.)

    . Cold fries are something special then. Forget McDorks, gat yourself some real fries, give 'em a good heap of salt and whatever spice you prefer (I personally like my fries with a blood-pressure-killing overdose of salt and some sweet pepper powder), and then again, give them an overnight-rest and eat them cold for lunch. But wait till nobody is home, cause we don't want to make you look more weird than you already are, do we? ^^

    . Baguette with fries in it. Haven't yet tried it, but my informant tells me he got it near the Bordeaux coast... that kind of improves my opinion of the French, but well...

    Okay, and don't forget to listen to some nice breakfast- lunch- or dinner-music.
    Now, for example, there has been playing:
    VNV Nation-Standing
    Sisters of Mercy-Garden of Delight
    Dead Can Dance-Fortune Presents Gifts Not According To The Book
    and of course Skinny Puppy.

    (yeah, we all know that I only linked these artists to get YOU to this journal entry.

    but hey, you will have to forgive me, it is to your own benefit ^^ hf!)
  • finally, again, a journal entry not linked to any artist

    Mai 28 2006, 23h10

    yes, yes, and yes again, i will have to make some commitments.

    *yes, i like to spend my time doing sudoku. ou, yes, embarassing, but hey, what does it tell you that i'm more successful in doing it than a maths advanced course student? - hrhr, it tells you that maths on advanced levels leaves you helpless ;)

    *yes, right, my favorite kind of potatoe chips is pringles barbeque, my most-loved chocolate is ritter sport rum-traube-nuss and, yes omg, i do eat liqourish. cause it's yummi!

    *an, oh hell yes, i like to live in my dreams. so if i might give you a strange eye it's because you might seem to me like an ugly nightmare ;)
    (but don't worry, i also get friends with nightmares. they're mostly the most faithful of all.)

    enough crap written for one night - i'd be grateful if just someone could increase the value of this entry by leaving a witty comment :D
    have fun
  • some of my favorite artists

    Mai 13 2006, 17h28

    Post your top bands/artists, the first song you heard of theirs (a), the song that made you fall in love with that band (b), and your current favorite (c).

    a. The Passion of Lovers
    b. Theme From Lost Boys, Hollow Hills
    c. King Volcano, Hollow Hills

    Deine Lakaien
    a. Generators
    b. Venus Man
    c. The Game, Sometimes

    a. Forsaken
    b. Forsaken
    c. Prayer

    Faith and the Muse
    a. In Dreams of Mine
    b. In Dreams of Mine
    c. In Dreams of Mine

    In Flames
    a. World of Promises (actually I don't really remember)
    b. Black and White, Dawn of New Day
    c. Metaphor, Black and White

    a. Summer Romance
    b. Wish You Were Here
    c. Drive, Summer Romance

    a. Der Vampir des eigenen Herzens, Der Morgen Danach
    b. Phantom of the Opera
    c. Bresso, Liebesspiel, Vampir des eigenen Herzens

    Luna Luna
    a. Wenn ich tot bin
    b. Küss Mich
    c. Nur ein Lied (Live)

    Nine Inch Nails
    a. Head Like A Hole
    b. Hurt, Perfect Drug
    c. The Fragile, We're in this Together Now

    a. Ein Stück Regenbogen
    b. Denk an mich!
    c. Sonnenstrahl, Kalte Spuren

    Sisters of Mercy
    a. Cry Little Sister (all right, this song's not by the Sisters. Pity, it's a good song; anyway I'll let it be written here, as it is the first song I thought I heard of them. Thanks to kissmesuicide!)
    b. Temple of Love
    c. Ribbons

    Skinny Puppy
    a. Assimilate
    b. Tainted Love
    c. Cult, Death

    a. Cold
    b. Cold
    c. The Only, Push It

    Subway to Sally
    a. Sag dem Teufel
    b. Kleid aus Rosen
    c. Veitstanz

    a. Ihr wolltet Spaß
    b. Was soll der Teufel im Paradies
    c. Bitte Bitte, Nein nein

    The 69 Eyes
    a. Devils
    b. Devils
    c. Only You Can Save Me

    a. Zauberer
    b. the whole Zelluloid album
    c. Maschine, Auf zum Mond, siehe b.

    a. Ravens Land
    b. The Vampire Club
    c. Anniversary (actually everything)

    ps: saw this first in optisailor2002's journal - so it's not my idea. thanks.
  • stupid coincidences

    Abr 12 2006, 18h04

    dylmsie really is a poor old soul, see:
    Tomorrow Subway to Sally are going to play their "Nackt" tour right here in the Capitol, and I will not be able to go there - cause it's my mother's b-day, on which she wants to cook somethign really big for us all. SOmething I have to be present. Drop.
    Well, wouldn't be too sad, if I wouldn't have already missed Subway when they were here last year. And the sad thing is, I guess I'd like them even more on an acoustic tour... I just won't get the chance to find out! :'(
    That is almost as sad as the other time...
    I had won free entrance to a Letzte Instanz concert which i was really looking forward to, ans guess what, I couldn't allow myself to go there, as I was having an important exam the next day.
    I just wish I had been more... mindless bout this freakin exam. But well... I think I'll get it back in a couple of weeks, and we'll see if this sacrifice was worth it.
    Don't wish me luck - luck is for losers ;)
  • Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw

    Mar 15 2006, 14h24

    Finally. Done with it. Through with it. Want to know what it's all about? You better not.
    In case you have read Shaw's play Pygmalion, maybe even his epilogue, and you might still wonder about some details of it, by now I am definitely not the wrong adress to direct any questions at...
    Especially if you are pondering about the Eliza-Freddy development, Eliza's character, or her fitting into Victorian society... go and have a try. Ask me.
    *drop* * * * * * *
    But well, actually, now that it's all over, I think I am glad to have done it, I am grateful, and maybe in some parts I even enjoyed. Dylmsie, you weirdo.
    I believe in Nietzsche's statement: Was uns nicht umbringt, macht uns stark!
  • users

    Mar 13 2006, 13h39

    Something just came to my mind.
    As probably noone will read a journal entry if he's insulted by it, I guess I can in a totally uninhibited manner, write whatever I like. So:
    I somehow don't get why (just for example) German people, when writing messages to other German people, still cling to typing in English.
    Alright, English is the universal language, and I myself also love talking, writing and listening to English more than to German, but, lads, if they are of the same origin as you, they will to ninety-nine dot nine percent understand your mother tongue. Sticking to English, in fact, makes you just seem riddiculous.
    But well, actually none of my business, I just had to get this off my heart ;)
    HF then
  • Unheilig Live in Hannover - Moderne Zeiten Tour

    Mar 13 2006, 11h54

    One not peaceful, but one evening full of thrilling anticipation, a crowd of Unheilig-Fans made their way towards the Hannoveranian Capitol.
    To be exact, it was Friday, March 3rd 2006.
    The Capitol was not filled to all extents, so it was easy to gain a place somewhat in the front rows.
    The pre-act, Secret Discovery, was, well, let's say, it was okay. I must admit that I didn't know them before. Some songs were nice, but they didn't really have an exciting way of presenting themselves.
    So, after maybe half an hour pre-band, we had to wait long enough until finally the curtain opened. The stage was amazing, if you are interested in it: huge candle holders with huge white, lighted candles - and the the Graf came on stage. Yay!
    The music was, well, I hope you know Unheilig: of course it was great.
    The Graf looked greater than ever. (I like his contacts, those white ones...) His way of presenting himself was indeed a little autistic (means introverted), but, hey, that matches with his music.
    It is just a pity and a shame that Hannover's audience is so passive.
    How can you just stand still, while Unheilig is celebrating with one of his most stirring songs, which is Maschine!?
    Really I understand of course that during songs like Mein Stern couples gather and start showing us how much they love each other, but one just has to move and celebrate powerful songs like the classic Sage Ja for example.
    Well, all you crowd in Hannover, improve that next time!