December 2005, Thailand... a memorable month, memorable place with memorable songs


Set 13 2007, 5h30

the other day, whilst i was searching for my Alexisonfire CD, i stumbled upon another. the CD read "Lagu2 Chiang Mai Dec. 2005". it was a mix CD i burnt 2 years ago to remind me of the good times i had in my school trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand. it consists of songs that remind me most of that memorable week where almost everybody was sick and the weather kept changing, making us more sick.
i then took a listen to it and all those memories came back to me. so rather than keeping you wondering, here are some (there were originally 24, but thats too much and you dont want to read that much, dont you?) songs from that CD that really reminded me of the good times i had... and plus i really have nothing else to do right now

1.Genetic Design For Dying- Aiden
i remember that when i first heard this, it was in the SH airport. apparently my close friends seemed to like this song at that time and i got to like them too. throughout the trip, this song was played nonstop in my friend Darnell's iPod. This was before i discovered that Aiden was goth. at that time i thought Aiden was like Underoath or something.

2. Accidents- Alexisonfire
Embarrasingly, this was the first time i was introduced to Alexisonfire. so i think that i should put this in.

3. The Saddest Song- The Ataris
this is a no brainer. this is one of the 3 songs that "brought out my emo side" when clearly wearing a Slipknot hoodie. i wasnt the only one obsessed with this song, my friend Iman was more obsessiver. the atmosphere of the song matches the cool quiet atmosphere of the place.

4. Saturday- fall out boy
Dead on Arrival- Fall Out Boy
these two i must include because, Saturday back then was going to be played by FI in the year 8 assembly and also my friend Darnell's ipod back then only had a few videos and Saturday was one.
As for Dead On Arrival, it had nothing special. its just that i was loving it and it reminded me of my dorm. my crazy, always-yelled-at dorm.

5. The Everglow- Mae
this wasnt my idea of listening at first but my friend, Iman, said it was "so good you will blast greatness through your ass" and i did and it did.

6. Hands Down- Dashboard Confessional
this song brought out "my emo side" the most because i remember listening to it, while walking alone on a pavement with the wind blowing and leaves falling. and at that time i had the hots over a girl that didnt join the trip. i wallowed for a week to be honest and triedto find songs that would suit this wallowing (i know its gay).
what really ruined the emo moment was the realization that i was wearing a Slipknot hoodie! (it was the only one i had at that time).

7. Honestly- Cartel
this was another song that had me blinded by love. but to be honest this song is more like a "going back and realizing you made a big mistake" song of my life.

8. Seven Years- Saosin
well actually it was the acoustic version. this one was truthfully the only song ever that made me want to cry. dont ask why, because you probably know the answer and besides, Anthony Green has a voice that is "heartcore".

9. Image Of The Invisible- Thrice
this song was popular among all my friends in my dorm. at that time, before it ended up in the discount pile, Vheissu was a must-have album. it was also my "bathroom song" considering i took showers and took dumps while listening to it and on loudspeaker.

10. Blood Stained Bedsheet Burden- It Dies Today
it was my favorite song at that time. but now i have abandoned metalcore for good and welcomed post hardcore.

11. The Missing McCloud Boys- The Prize Fighter Inferno
it was at that time when most my friends were obsessed with Coheed and Cambria. i discovered the prize fighter inferno before we left but sadly that song wasnt in my ipod or anyone else's. it was just stuck in my head for the whole week.

12. Special- Mew
well the truth is that i liked the video (back then) and She Came Home For Christmas was another Mew song i loved, so i expanded my interests.

13. The Words Best Friend Becomes Redefined- Chiodos
the Chaing Mai trip was the week that i first discovered Chiodos. i loved them since the start but got turned off when i was "holding it in" on the bus from the airport and that song was on repeat. its not a pleasant combination.

these are the main ones, as there are originally 24. and by the way this blog would only make sense to the people that go to SGJ, Indonesia.

well, i managed to kill 32 minutes writing this, it certainly killed my boredom.
(if anyone) thank you for reading this, i appreciate it.

i cant wait for the next school field trip CD compilation... cant you?



  • evergrow

    gua jadi sedih kalo lo tulis nya gitu apalagi yang pas bagian when i heard the everglow for the first time happines burst from my butt gua terharu

    Set 16 2007, 13h01
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