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Dez 20 2009, 5h01

The Neon Handshake - Hell Is For Heroes [2009]
Radio friendly alt rock. pass

Psychic Chasms - Neon Indian [2009]
Ariel Pink stripped of the humor; I'm disappoint.

Mister Pop - The Clean [2009]
The first song I heard from Beach House was Auburn and Ivory, which I feel in love with instantly, the rest of that album is another story. At any rate, The Clean reminds me of that song mixed with a little The Magnetic Fields. It's too bad that the later half of album kinda falls apart.

Clean Hands Go Foul - Khanate [2009]
A screaming mess of metal, 70's psych, and dark ambient. Sometimes these styles get in the way of each other.

Flashmob - Vitalic [2009]
Did you like Cross by Justice? DID YOU? HERE'S MORE OF THE SAME.

Houses of the Unholy - Church of Misery [2009]
Stoner metal ala Clutch and Kyuss only with a "darker edge."

American Football - American Football [1999]
Very similar to Moving Mountains, but with less emo and more instrumental pieces. The instrumental pieces can be a bit boring. I guess I just wish they were even more like moving mountains.

All Reflections Drained - Xasthur [2009]
Surprisingly pretty and not as depressing as his previous releases, but there's still ugliness to be found in the gurgling voice of Malefic.

The Freak of Araby - Sir Richard Bishop [2009]
Instrumental mid-eastern style guitar-centric music. Reminds me of the 60's surfer-ish pop of India.

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - The Pains of Being Pure At Heart [2009]
Poppy shoegaze that sounds straight out of the 90's. Pretty meh overall though. I'd rather listen to Polaris.

Discipline/Communication - Shmu [2009]
Disgustingly inoffensive pop with 70's leanings. Squeaky clean with no bite and no balls.

Spirit Animal - Zombi [2009]
Embarrassing 70's style prog rock

Aleph At Hallucinatory Mountain - Current 93 [2009]
Average Current 93 release with the running theme of Adam and Eve and murrrdyeerraah.
Invocation of Almost stands out though very hypnotic.

Earthly Delights - Lightning Bolt [2009]
The first time I listened to Lightning Bolt (the album Wonderful Rainbow to be exact) I was extremely disappointed. It seems that they took all the most annoying parts of Japanoise and threw them together. This album is a different story. The Japanoise influence is much more understated here. If someone told me this was a Boredoms and Boris collab, I'd believe them.

Ataraxiis - Enoid [2009]
Black metals with a pinch of sludge.

Cleanse - Deterior [2009]
Lo-fi black metal infused college alt. rock. There are not enough wtf's to describe this. It's offered as a free d/l from last.fm.

I Just Want To Be Your Everything - The Best Pessimist [2009]
Ambient electronic and post-rock; The Album Leaf pulls off this combo so much better.

Of Sound Mind - Ancestors [2009]
Too much prog in my stoner rock makes me a sad panda.

Animals As Leaders - Animals as Leaders [2009]
Math-rock at it's worst. Somehow boring and weird at the same time.

My Maudlin Career - Camera Obscura [2009]
It's so catchy and super slick production-wise.
Nothing innovative, but it's relying on you feeling nostalgic for a time that never was, at least on some level. Simple pop music hearkening back to a simpler time. Staying up late for a chance to catch them on the Ed Sullivan show. The lead singer wearing a tight, short dress and tall go-go boots, maybe one of the band members will wear a cowboy hat on the more country-tinged tracks. I could totally see a synth player (note: Camera Obscura does not currently have a regular synth player.) on Away With Murder wearing a cowboy hat, but I mostly see close-ups of Tracyanne Campbell looking introspective when I hear that song.

Actor - St. Vincent [2009]
The sugary sweetness is cut with whimsy to make it all go down. Battles is to rock as St. Vincent is to pop. Sometimes sounds like classic Disney songs (the ones in Alice in Wonderland and Snow White and The Seven Dwarves, specifically) have been cut up and thrown into the beat. An Animal Collective colab would be wonderful. The main structure of the songs and the lyrics remind me of a Broadway musical in the same vein as Grease or West Side Story, especially Actor Out of Work.

Two Suns - Bat for Lashes [2009]
Too meh, too normal. Needs more weirdness (see: Actor and My Maudlin Career).

Arrow - Clare and the Reasons [2009]
So cute. Reminds me of Minnutes; who's best known best for that more to luv song in the target commercials
Obvious hipster cred comment goes here.

An Empty Canvas - Wixel [2009]
Downtempo electronic music
A grower for sure. Released in June, but more of a winter album, if you ask me.


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