• Anna steals the show

    Nov 8 2011, 9h45

    Mon 7 Nov – Festival Les Inrocks

    Arrived at the Olympia after EMA had begun their set. Musically very interesting: violin, guitar, bass and drums. Unfortunately the lead singer is much better when she isn't singing, and better still when she stands still instead of trying out cool moves.

    Next up were Dum Dum Girls. I was looking forward to seeing them. Very cool, all four girls dressed in black, all four with black and/or white guitars. Unfortunately the sound engineer is asleep at the wheel and it sounds like mush.

    Third set was Le Prince Miiaou. Not knowing anything at all about them, I wondered whether it was in fact a French rapper. Turns out its a (very talented) girl named Maud-Eliza, who has released two albums. She's supported by three very able musicians (bass, guitar, cello, drums, keyboards and percussion with various degrees of overlap). She's the only artist I know of who has recorded a song that actually uses a recorder -- the flute kind, not the machine). I bought her second CD after the concert from the merch stall and she was there to sign it which was pretty nice.

    Just before Anna Calvi performed her set, there was a brief interlude by Théodore, Paul & Gabriel, a four piece, three girls on guitar and a man on drums. They played two or three songs and left me wanting more.

    Finally Anna Calvi came on, dressed in her signature red shirt, black pants and hair pulled back in a bun. Rider to the sea, No more words, Suzanne & I, her Elvis and Edith Piaf covers, a searing Love won't be leaving etc. Very sharp sound, crystal clear. Such a tiny waif and such a huge sound. Awesome.
  • First post!

    Mar 24 2009, 15h47

    Playing around with me Recently Listened Tracks after 2000+ songs, I note that the very first song I listened to wasIced Cooly, by Boards of Canada, on 10:52 21-02-2009.