Noticed Rykodisc is gone from menu :(


Dez 5 2006, 4h34

I was trying to score a couple Soul Asylum mp3s with my Emusic subscription which I did earlier this summer & fall. I was showing a friend because we are catching them on a bill with Scissor Sisters on Weds!?!

So I sought out some more Twin/Tone era tracks and there were none left to be had... strange. Then I realized earlier last month I was searching for Morphine, and they were no longer present either....

gulp... the whole Ryko catalog, which is a big indie, really relevant and heroically hit filled...has completely vanished without a trace... gulp!

For us Emusic users, it means no more access to key tunes and albums by:
Golden Smog, Replacements, Frank Zappa,Ladytron,Phil Manzanera

After searching out info on this , I saw a post in the Emusic forums of disgruntled users bemoaning the fact it happenend without warning...

Someone suggested it would be helful if only the Emusic system would maybe send ya some notification of artists/labels on your wishlist that perhaps will no longer be around in a few days...

are you listening emusic?


  • dvoodoo

    Emusic lost the Ryko catalog because Ryko was bought out last year by Warner Music Group One of the horrific ironies in this is that Frank Zappa spent many years suing Warners to get his masters back. Then to have Ryko be swallowed by (gulp) Warner Music Group woulda been a real piss on his personal parade... So Emusic , which offers DRM free mp3 apparently wouldn't be a good fit for Warner's...who are some of the biggest proponents of DRM

    Mar 12 2007, 9h28
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