Streetlight Manifesto 2-10-11


Fev 11 2011, 19h55

Thu 10 Feb – Ship of Fools: Odds and Ends Tour

Lionize was very chill and wonderful. I enjoyed the epic beards.
The other two bands were horrible.
Streetlight Manifesto was fantastic. Little talking and a ton of music is how every concert should be. The mass amounts of skank pits was also amazing. Looks like I'm going to have to tend to my wounds for the next few days.


  • play6nice5kids

    what was the setlist like?

    Fev 21 2011, 18h44
  • Last_Ska_Kid

    They didn't play anything off of Keasbey or 99sor

    Fev 27 2011, 5h04
  • dustinlawlwut

    I was pretty disappointed about not hearing anything off Keasbey, but not so much 99sor.

    Mar 4 2011, 5h03
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