Old and Familiar, Billy Joel


Mai 11 2007, 17h07

I went to see Billy Joel on May 9th. I had considered seeing Peter Bjorn and John instead, but the Billy Joel tickets were free and closer to my home the the PBJ show. The real conflict was whether to catch something on the way up or on the way down. I'm glad I went to Billy Joel.
Billy Joel was at his prime when my parent's were my age. I thought I couldn't claim him as my own. He was theirs. Wednesday night, I claimed him as my own.
Joel looked like one of theirs at his show. His grizzly facial hair couldn't look irreverant because his face was a bit too round. His face had more angular form when I was a kid. He still had youth.
He still has a twinkle to his eye despite his age. He still performs with the gusto of a devilish good guy, the bad boy of the pack. He still has a strong air of daring. He's still a rock star. His attitude rolled over any age barriers.
I didn't even know he sang Only the Good Die Young, She's Always a Woman, Tell Her About It or My Life. I fully knew Piano Man, New York State Of Mind, We Didn't Start the Fire and River of Dreams. His 80s hits resonated with me more powerfully than I would have guessed. I wish he would have played I Go to Extremes, but I got there late. These songs are some of the best of there generation.
Billy Joel is simply a great entertainer. He played the hell out of his piano. He rocked out on his guitar. He was personable. Every second was fun and even the boomers got up and danced.
The light show seemed at the highest state of the art. The timing of the lighting was imppecable with its moments of tension and suspense, or to amplify the frenzy. It should have had two more video cameras, but fortunately, I was close enough to see Billy without assistance. $80 tickets require the best and now I know what that is. I know what an arena rocker is capable of achieving.
He's old. His scene has passed, but he's a classic. His show sparks something in me that I can share with my parents and that alone is special.


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