fancy pants project week 6 description


Abr 30 2008, 23h06

this album is a culmination of a 6 week music project where anybody who wanted to be in a band, could be in our band.

we performed at a bar called jesse's place in uptown manhattan. we practiced on tuesdays and performed on thursdays. anybody who came to practice on tuesday, could perform on thursday.

the goal was to play the same 13 song setlist for all 6 weeks, but as time went on we kept adding more songs until this show, where we had a 22 song setlist...nice!

the crowds were awesome!!! we wanted to turn the bar into a feel-good sing-a-long place, and that's exactly what we got.

for the week 6 show there were 2 acoustic guitars, four singers, a banjo, a kazoo, a harmonica, an electric guitar, two beatboxers, a djembe, a tapdancer, and bongos. it was perfect!


  • spiderspit

    hi dulci! great stuff! three little birds and the cover of new soul were amazing. keep 'em coming!

    Mai 3 2008, 4h03
  • earth_wind_etc

    sounds like a cool experience

    Mai 6 2008, 4h37
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