• The Decemberists Hazards of Love Take 2

    Out 6 2009, 1h33

    The Decemberists
    Cain's Ballroom
    Tulsa, OK
    October 4, 2009

    Of course, they played Hazards of Love all the way through from beginning to end with no breaks (who does this anymore, really?)

    Yankee Bayonet
    July, July!
    Crane Wife, Pt 1 & 2
    Everything I Try To Do, Nothing Seems To Turn Out Right
    Chimbley Sweep (This was too much fun, reggae solo? That guy will never forget that experience for the rest of his life!)
    O Valencia!
    Crazy on You (Heart Cover) (This was amazing! I knew they had done it on tour, just happy I got to see it live)

    Red Right Ankle
    Sons and Daughters
  • The Sweatbox Octopus Film Project

    Jul 1 2009, 15h38

    Mon 29 Jun – The Octopus Project, Student Film

    that was a great concert....too friggin' hot bout some A/C?
  • Okay, this one is the best one....only based on the sheer magnitude.

    Mai 21 2009, 23h09

    The Decemberists
    Fox Theater
    Oakland, CA
    May 20th, 2009

    1st set:
    The entire Hazards of Love from beginning to end no breaks. All the female vocalists were present. Staggering.

    2nd set:
    Grace Cathedral Hill
    We Both Go Down Together
    Sleepless (off the Dark was the Night compilation....never would have thought to have the pleasure of seeing this live.)
    If I Could Only Win Your Love (Louvin Bros. cover, another unlikely surprise)
    Yankee Bayonet (I have never seen them perform this was amazing, I've always wanted to see this live)
    Dracula's daughter
    O Valencia!
    The Crane Wife, Part 3 (always one of my fav's)
    Sons and Daughters


    Raincoat Song (off EP)
    A Cautionary Song (which was an amazing way to end the show, especially since four of the band members come right in front of me playing drums.)
  • My 2nd Fav Concert of 2009!

    Abr 14 2009, 23h27

    April 12th, 2009 Death Cab for Cutie with Cold War Kids and Ra Ra Riot at Brady Theater in Tulsa.

    Death Cab Set List:

    Bixby Canyon Bridge
    The New Year
    We Laugh Indoors
    Crooked Teeth
    My Mirror Speaks
    No Sunlight
    Company Calls
    Title Track
    Grapevine Fires
    I Will Possess Your Heart
    I Will Follow You Into the Dark
    Title & Registration
    Movie Script Ending
    Long Division
    Sound of Settling
    Marching Bands of Manhattan


    Little Bribes
    Soul Meets Body
    Transatlanticism (This WAS AMAZING!!!)
  • My favorite concert of far!

    Fev 10 2009, 4h00

    Wed 4 Feb – The Submarines, The Morning Benders

    Set list for the Submarines:

    Submarine Symphonika
    Thorny Thicket
    Swimming Pool (This was awesome, I even have video)
    Modern Inventions
    Wake Up
    Darkest Things
    Peace and Hate (this was also amazing)
    You, Me and the Bourgeoisie

    Encore: (yes, they actually did an encore)
    Little Boxes (in which Blake and the audience sang acapella...too much fun...we barely knew all the words and everyone was laughing)
    Brightest Hour
    Brighter Discontent

    Blake was absolutely adorable and decorated the microphone stands with daisies. She signed my daughter's ipod case and a poster for her. She was as cute as she looked. My kids and I had more fun at this concert (which we were stage-side) then any we've ever attended.