Top Albums of 2007


Jan 2 2008, 15h38

Just entered my list for albums of the year to ( so thought id post it here as well. Here it is, in all its glory:

Top Albums of 2007:
1. Band: Rwake   
Album: Voices Of Omens
2. Band: Middian   
Album: Age Eternal
3. Band: Electric Wizard  
Album: Witchcult Today
4. Band: Down  
Album: Over The Under

5. Band: High on Fire 
 Album: Death is The Communion
6. Band: Weedeater  
Album: God Luck And Good Speed
7. Band: Church Of Misery
 Album: Vol. 1 (Re-release)
8. Band: Eyehategod; Tribute
Album: For The Sick
9. Band: Bongzilla
Album: Stash / Methods (Re-release)

10. Band:Ufomammut & Lento
Album: Supernaturals Record One

11. Band: Karma To Burn
  Album: Mountain Mama, Anthology

12. Band: Neurosis
  Album: Given To The Rising

13. Band: Ramesses
  Album: Misanthropic Alchemy

14. Band: Super Timor  
Album: Cauuchemar D'Esque

15. Band: Clutch
  Album: From Beale Street To Oblivion

16. Band: Moss
  Album: Cthonic Rites

17. Band: Atavist
  Album: II: Ruins

18. Band: Charger
  Album: Spill Your Guts

19. Band: End Of Level Boss
  Album: inside The Difference Engine

20. Band: Lazarus Blackstar
  Album: Funeral Voyeur

21. Band: Baroness
  Album: Red Album

22. Band: Opeth
  Album: Roundhouse Tapes

23. Band: Machine Head
  Album: The Blackening

24. Band: Akimbo
 Album: Navigation The Bronze

25. Band: Skeletonwitch
  Album: Beyond the Permafrost

26. Band: Morkobot
  Album: Mostro

27. Band: Mistress
  Album: The Glory Bitches Of Doghead

RwakeMiddianElectric WizardDownHigh on FireWeedeaterChurch of MiseryEyehategodUfomammut & Lento


  • duckinacoffin

    forgot, Hail!Hornet, OM and Orange Goblin. il add them in at some point

    Jan 2 2008, 16h10
  • BoomTschakk

    rwake ftw!! great great list!

    Jan 3 2008, 4h18
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