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Fev 25 2006, 17h22

Name your top 10 most played bands on

1. Spoon
2. Talking Heads
3. Kissinger
4. Voxtrot
5. David Byrne
6. The Real Heroes
7. The Handsome Charlies
8. Stone Temple Pilots
9. OutKast
10. Girling

Now answer the questions according to the numbers:

-- what was the first song you ever heard by 6?
Andy Langer used to play it all of the time on 101X in Austin. I was in love Andy Langer's show and I listened every Sunday... I fell in love with "26." It was so fun.

-- what is your favourite album of 2?
Stop Making Sense
Of course, this changes depending on my mood. Right now it's Stop Making Sense. I especially like the intro for "Crosseyed and Painless" on this one!

-- what is your favourite lyric that 5 has sung?
(This is probably the hardest question on here! Lyrics are probably why I like this guys so much...)
We just let things slide, all the way home
Over all these years, and nothing was done
Turn over once
Turn over twice
And now the clock has stopped
For me and for you
I'm not afraid
Of bursting at the seams
And there's nothing that we can do


-- how many times have you seen 4 live?
None yet. I plan on seeing them March 31st, and if I have the money and decided to do SXSW, March 15th.

-- what is your favourite song by 7?
Hummm... Eighty-One is doing it for me right now.

-- what is a good memory you have considering the music of 10?
This is hard because I've only heard three songs by these guys (and still they are in my top ten-- odd).
Little Chicken reminds me of this cute girl in a coffee shop one summer. I guess that's a "good" memory. It makes me a little sad, but it's the only thing I could think of. Well, the coffee was good, at least.

-- is there a song of 3 that makes you sad?
They aren't the type of band to do too many sad songs, but if the mood is right Fool makes me cry.

-- what is your favourite lyric that 2 has sung?
(Why does it have to be like this?! David Byrne write wonderful lyrics, and it's so hard to choose!)
Day by day... Whistle while you work... Our
backs are breaking... Up from hollow earth...
From end to end... The noise begins... In the
human battle stations... And the big one's
coming in
Work, work, work, work... Work 'till holes are
filled... Work, work, work, work... Bags of
bone and skin... Lovers hold hands... Tossing
their heads... Tangled in hair... Tied to earth... With skin and glue
But their skin is the same as yours
Coming in for the world to see
They can sit at the table, too
The same blood as you and me
Speak very softly... Hold my hand... Someone is
sleeping... In my bed... Priests pass by...
Worms crawl in... One dreams to be... One dream
for all
His skin is the same as yours
Is he not made the same as you?
And some have fallen down
And blood spilled on the ground
Work, work, work
'Till his life is done
The old man... Is at our door... And he's
knocking... Knocking... As his neighbours weep... Each day repeats... Are we nothing in your
eyes...? Someone answer, someone answer... This
rusted garden gate... Can barely even stand...
Their work is over now... And rest will be at
Is their skin not the same as yours?
Can they sit at the table to drink
Cool water
Cool water
And his lungs are filled with rain...
And the water's rushing in...

(Cool Water yes, the whole damn song)

-- what is your favourite song by 9?
Dracula's Wedding

-- how did you get in to 3?
Like I said before, I was addicted to Andy Langer's show on 101X. In 2000 he would play Kissinger way too often, and I started really liking them. Then in 2001 I won passes to their show with The Real Heroes and was hooked. It didn't help that the band members are all so nice and actually liked talking to me. Now I sometimes have lunch with them, and stuff like that. I also know where the lead singer lives so I cold stalk him and see what kind of panties he wears if I ever was so inclined, but I never am.

-- what was the first song you heard by 1?
Lines in the Suit
I heard it on (can you guess?) 101X while waiting for the DJ (who wasn't Andy Langer this time) to play I Want to Live for the first time.

-- what is your favourite song by 4?
Missing Pieces
Yeah, last month it was Raised by Wolves, but things change.

-- how many time have you seen 9 live?
None, and that makes me very sad. I saw them perform live on the television, but that doesn't count.

-- what is a good memory you have concerning 2?
Everything. Okay, seriously, there are a lot considering this was my first favourite band (I fell in love with them in 1986, at the tender age of one), but I'll limit myself here.
In high school, I had to do a presentation on Mesopotamia in my world histories class with my friend Beth. I decided to take Road to Nowhere and change all of the lyrics so it would be an educational song about Mesopotamia. We called it "We Live in Mesopotamia" and made a music video for it. This was in August, and in May during our final we heard a guy singing the song to himself in order to remember the answer to one of teh questions about Mesopotamia on the test.

-- is there a song of 8 that makes you sad?
Sour Girl makes me cry. Seriously.

-- what is your favourite album of 5?
It is seriously a toss-up between Rei Momo and David Byrne

-- what is your favourite lyric that 3 has sung?
Lies piled high had suddenly crumbled
'Round a cheatin' double-backed beast
Now panicked, had it, and without a plan
He can't stop what his mind repeats

(Outta the Car)

-- what is your favourite song of 1?
As of right now, Monkey Feelings.

-- what is your favourite song of 10?
(WHAT?! Making me chose out of ALL THREE of their songs?!)

-- how many times have you seen 8 live?
None. I was going to go see them once, but then all of my money was gone and then they broke up.

-- what is your favourite album of 1?
Gimme Fiction. Used to be Telephono for the longest time, but yeah.

-- what is a great memory you have considering 9?
Getting pissed at my boyfriend and my life two years ago and deciding to drive all of Loop 410 at speeds exceeding 80 mph (the speedometer in my old car only went up to 80, but I think I was going faster) while blasting out Speakerboxxx/The Love Below. It felt good. Then I went out and bought a betta fish, which started my obsession with those things.


  • smartsimpleton

    i'm going to copy it. =)

    Fev 27 2006, 11h04
  • Kilimonian

    nifty list and questions. hmm, I've heard many bands first through a particular station around here if not from my brother's mp3's, too I love Sour Girl too incredibly much. great song.

    Mar 3 2006, 0h03
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