1/6/07 - Incubus @ the Paramount


Jan 7 2007, 22h17

Last night I got to see Incubus at the Paramount in Seattle. The third time I've seen them, first time in Seattle and first time in a venue smaller than a hockey stadium.

Their setlist:
[01] Quicksand
[02] A Kiss To Send Us Off
[03] Wish You Were Here
[04] Have You Ever
[05] Anna Molly
[06] When It Comes
[07] Redefine (Acoustic with full band)
[08] New Skin (Acoustic)
[09] Drive (Acoustic)
[10] Earth to Bella (part 1)
[11] Light Grenades
[12] 11am
[13] Under My Umbrella
[14] Paper Shoes
[15] Sick Sad Little World
[16] Dig
[17] Nowhere Fast
[18] "Dick in a Box"
[19] Pendulous Threads
[20] Pistola
[21] Megalomaniac

The opener, Albert Hammond Jr. who I later learned is the guitarist whose name I'd forgotten from The Strokes sounded like exactly that. The strokes, but with one too many guitars, and four afros. Andrew and I were sad that they didn't play "Last Night." Good opener, but I'm not gonna buy it. Side projects should be different. I did like his intro though: "Seattle? I'm Albert. I'm going to play some music, then Incubus!" [editor's note: the italics denote a dramatic whispery-jazz-hands type of speech.]

Incubus highlights include:
This was a great opener, just as I'd expected it to be.
The acoustic set:
I really liked the acoustic set, which started out with a full-band (except Mike on acoustic) arrangement of "Redefine," and then went into "New Skin" and "Drive." "New Skin" was just guitar and vox, and Ben came back out for "Drive" to sing that amazing vocal breakdown they do now and play bass under Mike's solo. Every time I've seen incubus, they've done something new and interesting with their old songs. I greatly enjoy/appreciate/respect the fact that they haven't abandoned everything but the new stuff and the singles of their old stuff. A great band with a great repetoire should use it, and they do. I also like that they keep updating things, making it fresh and giving repeat audiences (like myself) a reason to come out and pay $30 - $50 to see them.
Under My Ubrella:
This is one of my two mostest favoritestest Incubus songs ever. hooray.

If I were to get more detailed about a setlist, I'd basically be saying how every song was a highlight. Incubus is like that for me. If you can see them this tour, I'd highly recommend it, the smaller venues are so full of energy with their sound.

On a final note, Incubus is still one of the only bands that has competed with Sigur Ros for interesting stage lighting that I've ever seend. Go them.


QuicksandA Kiss To Send Us OffWish You Were HereHave You EverAnna MollyWhen It ComesRedefineNew SkinDriveEarth To Bella (Part 1)Light Grenades11AMUnder My UmbrellaPaper ShoesSick Sad Little WorldDigNowhere FastPendulous ThreadsPistolaMegalomaniac


  • thinkofengland

    whoa dick in a box?

    Jan 10 2007, 0h41
  • drutwo

    yeah, it was a little acapella thing that ben kenney sang. according to the internets, it's called dick in a box.

    Jan 10 2007, 19h03
  • ChrisTheMute

    11AM? I would've killed to hear that live. :\

    Jan 23 2007, 7h59
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