• my (already accepted) submitted photos vol.1 the first 155

    Dez 1 2005, 14h43

    Okay, so i've submitted a lot of photos to, however I didn't submit any for the first 3 months after the merger and the addition of photos. The lack of photos for artist other than the mainstream disappointed me, so I made it my mission to add a pictures for artist who i came across without a submitted picture. (and of course voted for every one with a submission) Only a few times i have added a picture when one was already submitted, that was only when the submitted one was horrible.

    I have not added the links (at this time) as not to overbroadcast this, but to keep track for myself.

    Most photos are from amg or discogs or official websites.

    7 Seconds
    10,000 Maniacs
    13th Floor Elevators
    Adam and the Ants
    Alabama 3
    American Football
    Airborn Audio
    Alison Moyet

    Alton Ellis
    American Music Club
    Art of Noise
    Avenue D
    Bark Psychosis
    Big Mama Thornton
    Big Sugar
    Big Tymers
    Billy Ocean

    Blu Cantrell
    Bobby Womack
    Boogie Down Productions
    Candi Staton
    Carole King
    Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine

    Cooler Kids
    Cutting Crew
    David Crosby
    David Holmes
    Dead or Alive
    Delinquent Habits
    Dexy's Midnight Runners
    Dick Dale

    Digable Planets
    Dionne Warwick
    Division of Laura Lee
    Dr. John
    Dressy Bessy
    En Vogue
    Eric Martin
    Erick Sermon
    Erma Franklin
    Ethan Durelle

    Evan Dando
    Fairport Convention
    Game Theory
    Gallon Drunk
    Girls Against Boys
    Grand National

    Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five
    House of Pain
    Inspiral Carpets
    Jackie Wilson
    Jona Lewie
    Julian Cope

    KC and the Sunshine Band
    Kid Rock
    Manfred Mann
    Manfred Mann's Earth Band
    Mark Eitzel
    Masters of Reality
    Matching Mole
    MC 900 Ft Jesus
    Memphis Bleek

    Minus Story
    Mott the Hoople
    Nancy Wilson
    Naughty by Nature
    Neko Case and Her Boyfriends
    Nina Gordon

    Omni Trio
    P.M. Dawn
    Paul Hardcastle
    Pop Will Eat Itself
    Pussy Galore
    R.A. the Rugged Man
    Radio 4
    REO Speedwagon

    Revolting Cocks
    Richard Thompson
    Roberta Flack
    Rollins Band
    Roxy Music
    Sigue Sigue Sputnik

    Smokey Robinson and the Miracles
    So Solid Crew
    Soft Cell
    Souls of Mischief
    Spandau Ballet
    Spice 1

    Styles of Beyond
    The Cars
    The Connells
    The Drifters
    The Evens
    The Faraway Places
    The Four Tops
    The Frogs

    The Helio Sequence
    The Incredible String Band
    The La's
    The Lightning Seeds
    The Little Killers
    The Lovethugs
    The Mendoza Line
    The Mercury Program
    The Monkees
    The Ponys

    The Pretty Things
    The Reputation
    The Romantics
    The Special Goodness
    The Stylistics
    The Supremes
    The Teardrop Explodes
    The Temptations
    The Wannadies
    Tom Tom Club

    Too $hort
    X-Press 2
    Ziggy Marley

    wow 155...pretty good so far
  • Live In Toronto this Week (sep 22-28)

    Set 22 2005, 14h07

    Thursday, September 22nd

    The Electric Six - Lee's Palace - Got talked into this show..decent act, not a fav of mine, but apparently because my friend knows the band I will get to meet them after the show. Maybe i'll get to add them to my "Artists i've smoked a J with" list. The Dirtbombs open.

    Paul Weller - Kool Haus - the mod legend returns

    Polysics - El Mocambo - synth pop in this original?

    Seu Jorge - Lulu Lounge - The Brazilian actor entertains the world music fans.

    The Zoobombs - Silver Dollar - 2 weeks in a row for the J-Pop stars

    Roy Ayers - Guvernment - Funk Night! with Kush

    John Beltran - Revival

    Friday, September 23rd

    Four Tet - Horseshoe - should be a fine electro show with Hot Chip also on the bill.

    Deadly Snakes - Lee's Palace - This is a CD Release party.

    The Gossip - XPace - Should be a good show with We Are Wolves

    T. Raumschmiere - Mod Club - Electro Goodness!

    Fembots - Supermarket - Was naming your band after an Austin Powers concept a great idea?

    Towers of London - El Mocambo - Are there Towers in London? Support by The Strays

    Midival Punditz - Gypsy Co-op - Part of the World Music Showcase from India

    George Jones - Massey Hall - Something for the country fans

    Saturday, September 24th

    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Phoenix - First time i will miss a BRMC show in T.O. :-( Especially saddening to hear that Ride legend Mark Gardener is opening

    Aceyalone - Drake Hotel - Great hip-hop show i sadly will have to miss with DJ Serious

    Thornley - Lee's Palace - Former Big Wreck frontman rocks the house

    Pendulum - System Soundbar - some primo drum n bass with Keaton and Hive and Ben Sage

    Sunday, September 25th

    Stratovarius - Opera House - Metal! with Into Eternity

    Food For Animals - El Mocambo - some experimental hip-hop with Cadence Weapon and I Am Robot & Proud

    Heartless Bastards - Horseshoe - Now here's a band name I like.

    Monday, September 26th

    M.I.A. - Phoenix - Finally the uncategorizable (is this a word) beauty makes her way to T.O. I will be as close as possible to the action.

    The Rolling Stones - Rogers Centre - Beck opens for the stones...Kidneys are being accepted in lieu of the ticket price :-)

    New Model Army - Lee's Palace - 80's rockers are still at it.

    Tuesday, September 27th

    The Morning After Girls - Horseshoe - Free Show!!!

    Mariza - Massey Hall - World Music showcase from Portugal

    Bret Michaels - Lee's Palace - For those who just can't get enough Poison

    Wednesday, September 28th

    Interpol - Kool Haus - Great band..however they were disappointing live when they were here last

    Metric - Phoenix - This will be a great indie rock show as Jason Collett and Lovely Feathers are also on the bill.

    Prefuse 73 - Mod Club - Over the Top Festival Launch

    Michael Penn - Rivoli - an all-solo show with Rosie Thomas

    All in all a good week but not nearly as good as last week.
  • Live In Toronto this week (sep 15-21)

    Set 15 2005, 14h27

    Thursday Sept. 15

    Zoobombs are at the Silver Dollar bringing some J-rock explosion to town.

    13 & God are at Lee's Palace. They are the Notwist are and Themselves together as one. Boy In Static are the openers

    Friday Sept. 16

    The White Stripes are at the Molson Amplitheatre. Sure the albums are getting worse, but they are still to rock you silly. The Greenhornes provide an opening act worth catching

    Nouvelle Vague are at the Rivoli. A French band doing bossa nova covers?...sounds like an interesting show for sure.

    Ladybug Mecca from Digable Planets is at the Sunnyside Pavillion. Support from Steve Spacek

    The Hugh Dillon Redemption Choir is at the Mod Club as the Headstones legend continues to play. Armchair Cynics open.

    Saturday Sept. 17

    U2 play the final of 4 shows at the Air Canada Centre. I did have tickets to this show, however a wedding will prevent me from attending. Dashboard Confessional open here in Toronto. Montreal gets the Arcade Fire as their U2 opener, is this fair? Of course not, which eases the fact I can no longer go.

    Jack Johnson and his legions are at the Molson Amplitheatre. Many people i know will be there...i will not. Matt Costa opens.

    Wolf Eyes are sure to impress the crowd at the Horseshoe. On a different night I would surely be there.

    Apocalyptica are in town at the Guvernment to help mollify the local metal fans. I haven't been to a metal show in a loong time. Soon methinks. Eyes Of Fire open.

    Martha and the Muffins are at the Drake. Wow..did i read that right. I had no clue they were still (or have returned to) playing. Echo Beach may be the best tune every to come out of this city but I find this news a little pathetic.

    C'mon vs Whitey Houston at the Rivoli is billed as the boogie rock-off. They will rock off again the next day as well.

    Diamond Nights are at the El Mocambo. Also on the bill are the Illuminati , Rocketface and The Vacation

    Jason Fowler is at Eastminster United Church

    Sunday Sept. 18

    Bruce Cockburn headlines a benefit to save St. Stephens-in-the-fields church, with a notorious Canadiana lineup i'm sure my parents would enjoy. Also on the bill are Molly Johnson , Daniel Lanois and Jane Siberry

    Monday Sept. 19

    Pearl Jam is at the Air Canada Centre. Opening is Sleater-Kinney and i'm usually up for anything Sleater-Kinney, but not opening for Vedder and company for $60.

    Sigur Rós are at Massey Hall. Iceland is the new Seattle....or is it Montreal?

    The National are at the Horseshoe with support from We Are Scientists

    Athlete are the Opera House in what is a very eventful Monday night here. Matt Pond PA open

    Tuesday Sep 20

    Röyksopp are at the Opera House, supported by Annie I'd go for Annie alone but this double bill is superb. Maybe it's Norway that's the new Seattle.

    Switchfoot are at the Mod Club playing a show for contest winners only

    The Bloody Hollies are at the Silver Dollar. The Willowz provide support.

    Wednesday Sep 21

    Sounds Like Justice III benefit at the Mod Club. Benefit for the Association in defense of the wrongly convicted. On the bill are Shaye , Andy Stochansky , Andy Kim , Danny Michel and Justin Rutledge

    I wanted too see for myself the encompassing scope of a week of concerts here. If anyone is reading i might just continue this.
  • test

    Set 15 2005, 8h56

  • Song of the Day - Aug 16 2005

    Ago 16 2005, 20h45

    The Allman Brothers Band
    Eat a Peach

    Today is the first (of many) probably detours in my planned start of the song of the day series. Going to see the Allman Brothers in concert tonight at the Molson Amplitheatre. I have seen them before and they put on a fantastic show. I'm not really a fan of or do i really get the popularity of acts like Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews Band or Phish...but hearing the Allmans jam out is pure bliss!

    OK, So now that my music colletion has reached near insane proportions, i have decided to recommend a favorite track each day (for as long as i can last). I hope you enjoy and feel free to comment.
  • Song of the Day - Aug 15 2005

    Ago 15 2005, 20h36

    Blues From a Gun
    the Jesus and Mary Chain

    This song comes from the first album I ever purchased because of a girl I liked (surely a common purchase theme for many of the boys out there). She was a very cute goth girl in my math class in a small town where being goth was definitely something different. Anways, she wore a Jesus and Mary Chain t-shirt to class one day..and viola! one of my all time favorite bands discovered.

    OK, So now that my music colletion has reached near insane proportions, i have decided to recommend a favorite track each day (for as long as i can last). I hope you enjoy and feel free to comment.
  • Song of the Day - Aug 14 2005

    Ago 14 2005, 14h05

    Channel Z
    The B-52's
    Cosmic Thing

    To continue from yesterday my first non-Femmes concert was the B-52's...lots of campy fun goodness, so I will add them to my tour through memory lane. The show was at Canada's Wonderland which just proves that a good show and rollercoasters should go together

    OK, So now that my music colletion has reached near insane proportions, i have decided to recommend a favorite track each day (for as long as i can last). I hope you enjoy and feel free to comment.
  • Song of the Day - Aug 13 2005

    Ago 14 2005, 1h01

    Kiss Off
    Violent Femmes
    Violent Femmes

    For day 2 I will go with the first band i've ever seen perform live. I was 14 and my cousin snuck me into a liscened event in Florida. My concert T-shirt from the show became my favorite shirt and lasted for around 10 years before it finally disintigrated into dust! "Kiss Off" is the best tune ever to 'Count to Ten' and will get you smiling for sure. The Femmes were also the 2nd band I saw live as they opened for the band i will feature tomorrow.

    OK, So now that my music colletion has reached near insane proportions, i have decided to recommend a favorite track each day (for as long as i can last). I hope you enjoy and feel free to comment.
  • Song of the Day - Aug 12 2005

    Ago 12 2005, 22h41

    Everything Counts
    Depeche Mode
    Construction Time Again

    As this is my first song of the day, i thought i would go with something special to me but there is so much, i'll start with an introduction of my musical life. This is from the very first cassette i ever purchased with my own money. Money I got from collecting empty beer bottles (growing up close to the local hot spot for teen field parties proved to be very beneficial to my pockets for many years of my young life). My plan is to keep the selections out of the mainstream, but really good tunes will always be popular with many people :-)

    OK, So now that my music colletion has reached near insane proportions, i have decided to recommend a favorite track each day (for as long as i can last). I hope you enjoy and feel free to comment.