Abr 30 2007, 8h22

-top fifteen bands/artists
-the first song heard of theirs
-the song that made you fall in love
-your current favorite.

I am doing this according to my rolling 3 month chart, because it best reflects my music taste at the moment. (i'm not including 'sleep-playlist' artists or comedians)

Mike Doughty
first song heard:Looking At The World From The Bottom Of A Well
fell in love with:Tremendous Brunettes (version w/out Dave Matthews)
currently loving:Grey Ghost (live) from Smofe + Smang
easily my #1... can't go a day right now w/out listening to him

Jack Johnson
first song heard:Rodeo Clowns
fell in love with:Taylor
currently loving:Banana Pancakes
i really liked him a few years ago when i first heard him... then i got back into him when 'In Between Dreams' came out... and i've recently resurrected him in my music world as i've been trying to learn the guitar.

Johnny Cash
first song heard:I Walk the Line ???
fell in love with:Hurt
currently loving:If I Were A Carpenter
what can i say... a musical god... i've gotten into him more, too, due to my guitar learning.

Jason Mraz
first song heard:The Remedy (I Won't Worry) ???
fell in love with:what we want
currently loving:what we want (from Rhythm Cafe #3)
i didn't really care for him one way or the other when he first was getting radio play... but then a few months ago i discovered his acoustic stuff... MUCH better!

Ben Harper
first song heard:Steal My Kisses
fell in love with:Steal My Kisses
currently loving:Walk Away
i got into harper at the same time i was getting back into jack johnson, thanks to a friend who borrowed some CD's to me!

Jackson Browne
first song heard:Miles Away ???
fell in love with:I'll Do Anything
currently loving:The Pretender
my dad always listened to browne as i was growing up, so i've always been listening to him.

Modest Mouse
first song heard:Float On
fell in love with:Black Cadillacs
currently loving:Missed the Boat
i really liked the video for 'float on' (maybe more than the song), but after buying 'good news...' they've really never left my rotation.

Ysabella Brave
first song heard:Let's misbehave!
fell in love with:Let's misbehave!
currently loving:Dark End of The Street
she's a singer from over on YouTube... great voice and not bad to look at ;) ...i snagged some audio from a few of her clips to listen to on my ipod.

Citizen Cope
first song heard:Son's Gonna Rise
fell in love with:Nite Becomes Day
currently loving:Brother Lee
thanks to a co-worker a few years back who recommended 'the clarence greenwood recordings'... i've recently aquired 'every waking moment' (all his cd's are great!)

first song heard:Ocean Avenue
fell in love with:One Year, Six Months
currently loving:Life of a Salesman
this is the only artist that i think shouldn't be on this list... not sure how they got played so much :|

Ted Leo/Pharmacists
first song heard:Counting Down the Hours
fell in love with:Me and Mia
currently loving:Under The Hedge
i'm not sure how i first got into them... but they should definately be higher!

Shooter Jennings
first song heard:4th Of July
fell in love with:4th Of July
currently loving:Daddy's Farm
the newest of my 'top 15'... i'm liking the 'outlaw' mentality of his music... but we'll see if he has staying potential.

Tim McGraw
first song heard:Something Like That ???
fell in love with:Just to See You Smile
currently loving:We Carry On
continually one of my top country artists

Speechwriters LLC
first song heard:Blood On The Frets
fell in love with:Blood On The Frets
currently loving:The Ballad of Johnny Lo
not sure how i first heard them either, but the more i hear 'em, the more i like.

first song heard:Someday
fell in love with:Skippin' Stones
currently loving:Get Ready
just some flat-out great pump-up/party/anthem songs


  • mobydickulous

    Props for diggin' Doughty and Mraz! So much great music to enjoy from both of them.

    Mai 4 2007, 8h13
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