Incubus Concert 11


Set 2 2011, 5h01

Wed 31 Aug – Incubus

From start to finish, this concert simply just blew my mind away. My opinion will be a bit biased since Incubus is my favorite band. So, I will try and make this review as objective as possible.

This was my second visit to Stage AE. There was one thing very different from this visit compared to the previous visit I made. It was held in the outside portion of the venue. I viewed this as having some advantages and disadvantages at the same time. The advantages were that it was less crammed and the outdoors had a nice touch, but on the other hand the sound is less intense so it losses some impact on the listener and it does not seem as intimate. So overall the outdoors venue was a bit of a loss from my point.

Young the Giant opened up the evening for everybody. They left a nice impression on me. They whole band seemed to have a really tight sound. They had the nicest gear from any opening band I have seen in recent memory. The whole band seemed to really enjoy playing their material. I wish I knew more of their material, but I got their CD before the show got rolling so I got time to really digest their music. They ended their set with My Body. That being the only song I knew, I really enjoyed it a good bit.

Incubus took the stage blazing through their opener Pardon Me. It was an immense opener that really set the tone for the rest of the night "So pardon me while I burn and rise above the flame". They truly did burst at the start and just rose above the flames. Their set was semi-diverse with an emphasis on songs from their newest album If Not Now, When? and my personal favorite album Morning View. Incubus did manage to do some nice live changes to songs. In Are You In?, Brandon Boyd started to sing Riders on the Storm in the mid section of it. Dig was presented in more of funk low key version which I had my doubts at first, but it turned it out very nicely. The only song that was not as good as it should have been was Vitamin. The whole track just seemed to be a mess at first and it never really got back on track. The tracks that really stood above the rest were Have You Ever, Consequence, Mexico, A Crow Left Of The Murder, Dig, Nice To Know You, and Megalomaniac. The single greatest song that night had to be the epic In The Company Of Wolves. That was just simply magic to hear live. The whole opening, modulation, and ending loop was just blow me away and I do not speak those words easily. After they did In The Company Of Wolves, they broke into a three acoustic song set with Defiance, Mexico, and Talk Shows on Mute. The acoustic turned out really nicely with Mexico sounding great. They pulled out Ben Kenney to accompany Brandon and Mike with the bass part. For the closer, they did Tomorrow's Food. The song is easily one of their more underrated tracks of If Not Now, When?. The song featured a packaged video highlighting the essential core meaning of the song that not time period is the ideal time period and life is supposed to be always constantly changing.


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