Iron Maiden Concert 2010


Jul 15 2010, 6h36

Wed 14 Jul – Iron Maiden, Dream Theater

So far, this concert has been the highlight of my summer . First Niagara Pavilion was decent, but it was not my favorite venue that I have been to. I prefer indoor concerts. You get better sound and pictures that way. Dream Theater was entertaining to see. They played a good variety of songs ranging from Pull Me Under to Constant Motion. They did not have much showmanship, but they made up for it with their technical skill. The highlight of their set for me was As I Am and Panic Attack. Iron Maiden put on a spectacular show. Bruce Dickinson does not show his age when he is on stage. He can easily pass off as a thirty year old instead of being fifty five. I was kinda disappointed with the set-list because my favorite album of theirs is The Number of the Beast and they only did 2 songs from it. I did enjoy what they did play starting with Wicker Man and ending with Running Free. Iron Maiden had an impressive stage set up. The only band I have seen to have a better stage set up was Green Day. My highlights from the Iron Maiden set-list were These Colours Don't Run, Fear of the Dark, Blood Brothers, Running Free, Iron Maiden, The Number of the Beast, and Hallowed Be Thy Name.


  • whokilledkenny9

    I loved the concert but I was kind of disappointed in the fact that nobody showed up for dream theater as compared to Iron Maiden. Also, I missed the number of the beast and hallowed because I figured I could beat the traffic rush.

    Jul 15 2010, 16h08
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