Pandora sucks


Ago 10 2010, 22h20

Today I tried to tweak pandora to play what I want by trying two methods.
The first I tried the adding as many artists that I like to a station. The resulting station played music that was just on the cusp of being good, but most songs lacked originality. I just got a bunch of miss mashed elements of the 'music genome' randomized and spit back at me. At one point I got this song.
Leslie West
Theme from an imaginary western
Why would pandora think I would ever like this song. I put in all electronic artists.
After that, I thought maybe Pandora is good at picking songs that sound specific like another song. I tried Dan Deacon's The Crystal Cat.
What I got from that was maybe 3 songs that were ok, and a bunch of derivative sounding and boring music.

Maybe I need to find more songs have the same sound I'm listening for?
But I could find 3-7 songs with a very particular sound, why would I need Pandora?


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