Absolutely wonderful!


Abr 13 2009, 0h11

Thu 9 Apr – Death Cab for Cutie, Cold War Kids, Ra Ra Riot

I ended up arriving a few minutes after Ra Ra Riot started, so I couldn't quite get down to the floor level; I opted to sit in the stands, but the sound was still really good despite my fear of not being able to hear anything.

Ra Ra Riot put on an entertaining show, and I wish I had heard more of them, especially since the strings (violin AND cello) sounded beautiful with the rest of the music. Hearing them was refreshingly different, to say the least. Then, even though I only knew one song by them (shame!), Cold War Kids were great to watch. The energy in the crowd when Hang Me Up to Dry started up was phenomenal. Looking back, I can see how they and Spoon are considered similar artists. Also, I thought that the lights fading out at the end of each song was actually pretty cool.

Lastly, after streams of blue light and what sounded like an angelic chant, Death Cab For Cutie came out from backstage (though I almost expected them to float down from the beams with that type of introduction). I didn't recognize Ben at first, partially because he looks very different now and partly that I was sitting up in BFE, but his voice was just as awesome as it ever is. I don't like to abuse the word 'amazing', but Death Cab really were in this performance. Some of my personal favorites of the night were Company Calls, Grapevine Fires, and Long Division. The light show was fantastic, albeit a little dizzying if you stared at it too much like I did. What made my night was their encore of Soul Meets Body, but perhaps I'm biased, since that's most likely my favorite song.

All in all, it was a great show! I had the chance to finally see one of my favorite bands live, I discovered two bands while I was at it, and even the tee shirt I bought was sweet. It was worth every minute.


  • spinpikachu

    the perfect review to a perfect concert!

    Mai 26 2009, 23h34
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