• Congratulations to me...STP!

    Abr 13 2008, 9h03

    Yeah so I just got tickets to see them(Stone Temple Pilots) July awesome it that?...yeah I know your jealous...I'm so will be exactly 1 year to the day that I saw Tool at the exact same venue...1t was obviously meant to be...Be well all...Michael(3 dots = ellipsis points) yeah english 1!(bonus)
    P.S. I'm drunk
  • Last Fm Rocks

    Jan 31 2008, 0h09

    Well I been rocking Last Fm, since December 5...According to my profile...and I like it so far but geez I been really listening to a lot of Dylan and Radiohead..What can I say though? The new Radiohead album In Rainbows is just fricking fantastic, besides I've been a fan since Pablo Honey...And well Dylan has been a fav for quite awhile, and his catalog is so fricking extensive how can you not listen to him a lot?.....And of course we have my guys TOOL...who I must say can't seem to write a song I don't like..I love almost everything Maynard is involved in...Um also the Serj Tankian album from the lead singer of SOAD rocks my world lately, I really like how he did most of the music himself...I read about it on Wikipedia so it must be true ha ha...I think I see a lot more music in my future as always..Also I like how we can hear full tracks on Last Fm now that rocks!... Plus comparing interests with people from all over is pretty cool, you can learn about alot of different music on this site...So in ending this rambling...I must say LAST FM ROCKS!!!Be Well All