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Jun 28 2010, 14h10

Fri 25 Jun – Hard Rock Calling: Pearl Jam

Yeah, that's right, "Ten Club" early entry for me and my sister - and you know what that means...freakin' barriers during Pearl Jam!!!! It was the first time I've ever done this and it was really great. I think the most absurd moment was when the security guys were ordering everyone to slow down while running towards the stage to get to the barriers - that made it feel like a school event.. or something along that line.

So here I am, holding tight to the metal (or whatever material it was) barrier waiting for the first band to show up. After an hour's wait or so, bands started playing with Robert Francis opening. From my observations, it looked like with every other band the crowd got more and more enthusiastic. The time when I really got "enthusiastic" was when Ben Harper and Relentless7 hit the stage. Although, I had really low expectations of all the supporting bands (except Ben Harper), I have to give them some credit! The Gaslight Anthem were not that special but you could see that they knew what they were doing up there and, most of all, enjoyed it. Musically, The Gaslight Anthem were much better than either Robert Francis or even The Hives - and that is only my opinion of course. The Hives - definitely not a "music" band but a "show" band. (sorry, Hives lovers) However, I got to say that I enjoyed it (the show that is, or "the world's first 40 minute orgasm"- the lead singer's first words on stage). Musically, they were not that different from that average indie band you hear on the radio nowadays.. Some among the audience were even protesting! A "veteran" PJ fan was reading a book during their set... that was awesome.. hehe. (pictures on facebook ;] )

Ben Harper and Relentless7 - great performance from the whole band I must say. Great guitar skills from Ben, great drumming and of course, Ben's voice - really relaxing. Definitely a great "warm up" or "introduction" to Pearl Jam. Ben and Eddie Vedder are "great friends" as Ben said, and thus, Eddie joined him for the cover of Under Pressure - truly amazing! Ben would later join PJ for Red Mosquito - also amazing, if not better..

Pearl Jam - the band we've all been waiting for all day. Performance wise, there's nothing to say - another great show by the mighty Pearl Jam. It was just all great from the first songs Given to Fly, Why Go and Corduroy. However, it was, at times, difficult concentrating on the show and "feeling" the songs, while people were being pulled out from the crowd because they had been squashed and could not stand it any more. It was sad, really. Ed tried to calm the crowd by saying that he can "stop the show if it keeps on going like this" or advising the crowd to "take three steps back on the count of three".

The show must go on. We heard songs like Nothingman, State of Love and Trust, Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town and Yellow Ledbetter. It was a truly amazing set list. Ed & co. also performed songs off the new album: Got Some, Amongst the Waves, Just Breathe were all there lifting Hyde Park to a new level. There was also time for an unreleased song, Of The Earth, which "might appear on the next album" as Ed said.

As always at PJ shows, Ed has something interesting to say and Hard Rock Calling was no exception. When introducing Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town, Eddie said: 'Winston Churchill once said....something...I'm sure it was's a song about someone unimportant. Elderly Woman.' Also, the Seattle gang had an earlier curfew than usual, so they had to play quickly to fit in all songs - "so that the Queen can go to sleep".

Overall, I really enjoyed the show, meeting other PJ fans from the Ten Club and the "front row experience". It was truly a great night. Going to do the same for the show at the Heineken Open'er Festival in Gdynia, Poland. Can't wait.

And don't worry - I will also review that show. :)

hopefully also reviewing other bands..

Keep on Rockin' in the Free World!!


  • carsten_doig

    I thought it was amazing when everyone obeyed Eddie and moved back. It was a sure testament to how much he is adored by PJ fans.

    Jun 29 2010, 8h37
  • Miltos666

    I really wish I could be there. Thanks for calling me, though, DomDom!

    Jun 29 2010, 14h03
  • domunited

    @carsten_doig: although, after a few seconds everyone moved back to where they were... at least that's what it looked like up front.. :) @Miltos: no problemo! ;]

    Jun 29 2010, 20h23
  • yosh2008

    Cool review man, jealous you got onto the barrier, but then again I was loving it from where I was, and I was very near. Hope you enjoy the others dude.

    Jun 30 2010, 17h58
  • feelgoodpeople

    Good Review. By the way, theres was the complete footage of the video in its best quality uploaded in youtube, but i cant find it anymore, anyone knows where i could get to to watch this again??

    Set 2 2012, 16h13
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