Barack Obama and John McCain's favourite songs revealed


Ago 25 2008, 12h10


  • heinz_steinhoff

    both of them, very good musical taste! But I think that I prefer Obama's musical taste

    Ago 31 2008, 0h04
  • dogdayafternoon

    i think they are both pretty "calculated" lists.

    Set 3 2008, 12h34
  • Bastard1

    >.< I actually identify more with McCain's musical taste...since the man scares me, that scares me also.

    Set 25 2008, 5h37
  • mcmarley

    is this for real?

    Set 29 2008, 8h16
  • dogdayafternoon


    Set 30 2008, 15h14
  • elsmarie

    merle haggards always great matter who listens ...

    Nov 3 2008, 3h10

    Great Work! Thank's for this precieus information!

    Fev 20 2009, 15h03
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