How Many Of Your Top 10 Have You Seen Live?


Dez 22 2006, 1h21

I saw this idea and thought it was cool enough to steal.
HHere is my top 10 from the 17th of December:

1)Brand New- Sadly not seen them yet but will catch them in Milan in January and London in February hopefully

2)Jimmy Eat World-I think I’ve seen JEW something like 8 times now. The first time was as support for Weezer on the 5th of July 2001. They blew the headliners off stage at a time when Weezer could do not wrong in my eyes. Since then I’ve seen them all around in venues of all different sizes.

3)Guns N' Roses-I wish!!! My first ever CD was Use Your Illusion 2, and its still one of my favourites. Unfortunately I hadn't been to a gig yet way after the band split into Axl vs. the World. Having said that I did have the fortune of seeing Slash do his thing for Velvet Revolver at Live 8. It was short but it was sweet

4)Bill Hicks-Sadly I got into this comic genius long after his death. I doubt I would be frequenting stand up comedy shows when I was 13 regardless. Either way, When Bill talks about Bush (senior), the Iraq War, Saddam etc. he could just as well be speaking about today.

5)Pixies-One of the first bands I obsessed over. Frank Black was too busy sulking with everyone else when I RRRRREEEALLLLYYYY cared. Didn’t really get excited by the reunion tour though I kind of regret that decision now. I have had the honour to see The Breeders though at Reading 2002. Last Splash is one of my top albums and Kim Deal is the coolest woman in music. Period.

6)Bob Dylan- A legend, but if I must confess I'm relatively new fan. The many plays have been a process of discovery and I’ve never had the chance to see him. Time is running out so I hope to be able to catch Mr. Robert Zimmerman in the next few years.

7)The Beatles- These guys are up here because I have so many songs by them I guess. None the less, LEGENDS. For obvious reasons I have not seen them live. I did see )Paul McCartney at Live8 though and he did play Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Get Back, Drive My Car, Helter Skelter, The Long And Winding Road and Hey Jude so I guess I can take some fulfilment from that.

8)The Get Up Kids- I saw these guys at reading 2002 as well as a later September date at the Mean Fiddler in London. Great live set, one of the best albums in the shape of Something To Write Home About.

8)Death Cab for Cutie- Managed to catch these guys on the latest tour at Brixton Academy. Had the honour of seeing them sound check to an empty venue (minus myself and my Buddy Kenny). You should have seen the Goosebumps we were getting

10)Osker- Another band I wish I had seen but who broke up long before I could figure they were essential to me. I type it wherever I can but honestly , Idle Will Kill is an essential album to own.

I get the feeling my top ten may change a little with the New Year.


  • autosnail

    Thanks for your journal comments. I've been trying to decide whether to see the re-united Pixes while they're down here in Oz... there's something about old bands getting back together that just doesn't sit right with me. I'll probably regret it too, but now I've left it too late for tickets anyway!

    Dez 22 2006, 4h55
  • dogdayafternoon

    i've just been feeling a lot of nostalgia recently, and i figured if you get to see one of the old school bands or artists by all means do cos these people might suprise you, but will definately not be around for ever.

    Dez 22 2006, 12h25
  • zeppyfish

    I did see the Pixies on the early part of their reunion tour, and they were tight and rock solid. It was part of a festival, so they weren't the only reason I was there, but I don't regret seeing them at all. Doolittle has been an essential album for me for years, and they didn't disappoint live. It was one of those gigs with no real surprises but total professionalism musically. Very impressive, I thought.

    Dez 22 2006, 17h56
  • dogdayafternoon

    now you are just taunting, damn you! Anyhow, i pretty much imagined thats how they would be. I saw the breeders in 2002 and that was very cool. I've also had the opportunity to see Frank Black on a couple of solo tours but always missed out

    Dez 22 2006, 19h36
  • Sundrinker

    I've only seen 2 of my top 10: DJ Shadow and Bob Dylan, and I did see The Get Up Kids, The Pixies, and Jimmy Eat World

    Dez 22 2006, 20h20
  • dogdayafternoon

    Likewise for GUK and JEW, just not the pixies (or many of the other bands in my current top 10 evidently). Dylan was good or....? I've heard mixed reviews, specifically about his failing voice.

    Dez 22 2006, 20h35
  • nova-prosp3kt

    Unfortunatly, I've never really had the chance to see any of my top 10 live, mostly because any time I see a show I like, its already sold out, just my luck... Anyways, thanks for the comment and have a great xmas :P

    Dez 24 2006, 19h11
  • killer-tofu

    I noticed I haven't seen any of my current top ten live either, sigh. I'm really jealous you got to go to Live 8!! Did you see the Floyd too? *envy* happy holidays :D

    Dez 24 2006, 23h16
  • dogdayafternoon

    Yes, i believe they were there ;) It was pretty special. The only minus was standing on my feet for 16 hours straight. People were fainting all around. Either way, we managed and it was a great day. I expected more people to remember it though. Since i saw it i have not once seen the whole thing on tv, and i find its very hardly mentioned

    Dez 25 2006, 1h40
  • littlekasino

    wait, so in the end you didn't see the pixies live, did you? ... mwahahahahah, sorry to say that you really missed out, man. older, fatter, but still they were fucking great. =) anyway, i think i'm gonna steal this idea, thanks!

    Dez 29 2006, 23h21
  • dogdayafternoon

    nope, tragically i have not seen them. YET!

    Dez 30 2006, 13h47
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