• Concert Recollections of the Summer of '14: Primus , Jello Biafra , Deltron 3030

    Jul 12 2014, 4h57

    This summer I got the chance to see Primus for the second time (Primus' classic Les, Ler and Tim Alexander on drums lineup for the first time), Jello Biafra and his latest group the Guantanamo School of Medicine for the second time, and finally the godlike masters of space-time revolution, Deltron 3030.

    Primus: May 22nd in Cleveland at the Jacob's Pavilion

    Opening band sucked, overpriced drinks so I didn't partake, got an awesome Pork Soda T shirt. In 2010 Gogol Bordello opened up and killed it, this time they had some goddamn terrible hippie stuff. It was a group called Beats Antique which had high regard amongst my hippie, festival bound delusional druggie friends. I of course hated this shit. It sounded like a Shpongle ripoff.

    This is the first Primus concert with the Herb, Ler, Les lineup I've ever seen, aka the classic lineup. Last time they had Jay Lane from Sausage, Primus' 1988 lineup, and Ratdog which is some Grateful Dead side project.

    The setlist covered every single one of their albums again, which is something they did back in 2010 as well. Love that kind of diversity even with different drummers both times. More bands need to not focus on one or two specific releases so much live, although this tour wasn't in support of any album or release. This time they played "My Name Is Mud", "American Life" and "Southbound Pachyderm" which they did not play back in 2010. Actually the only songs they played both times were "Harold Of The Rocks", "John the Fisherman" and "Over The Falls", which is surprising. They also did not play "Wynona's Big Brown Beaver" last time I saw them in 2010, so tonight was the first time I saw that one live. Primus has some of the most diverse setlists around and it took me 2 concerts to hear all the big well known ones and a few of the fan favorites like "Those Damned Blue Collar Tweakers", "Here Come The Bastards" and "Southbound Pachyderm". I have yet to see "Over The Electric Grapevine" live but once I see that one I think I can die a happy person.

    Primus know how to jam out during a song and not make it fucking boring. Jam bands take note please.

    Sitting in a bleacher again sucked for the 2nd time. Ticket prices have prevented me from joining in a friendly Primus mosh.

    Primus SUCKS. If they're coming within a thousand miles of you, you have no excuse to miss it. They might be old now but goddammit they are one of my favorite live acts of all time.

    Some time in the near future later...................

    Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine: July 2nd in Cleveland at my personal favorite concert venue in the history of concert venues, Beachland Ballroom.

    Last time I saw Jello Biafra's band was a particularly rough day due to the near superhuman time constraints I was giving myself that day: The next day was my first day of the Fall 2012 college semester, I had not moved into my new house yet, and Jello was playing until 1 AM. This followed a 9 hour shift of work at the venue wherein I made food for and met Jello, Andrew Weiss of Rollins Band, Ween, Butthole Surfers and 900 other bands, and Ralph Spight of Victim's Family. I saw the show, moved into my house at 6 AM, no time for sleep, and went to my first two classes before crashing some time in the afternoon.

    But this time was different, I was on a break from work and had become familiar with the Guantanamo School of Medicine material. I arrived for Jello's set to meet a friend and my boss who is still an active employee of the venue. Where last time, Jello's political rants were at as much of a minimum as it could have possibly been, this time he was fired up about the fourth of July and the recent Supreme Court decision on Hobby Lobby (among other topics such as fracking and pollution, how much the governor of Ohio sucks and why not being registered to vote is the worst thing to do to yourself). The musicians were great and played their own material as well as Dead Kennedys material top notch. We got a bunch of songs off Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables thrown into the setlist and unlike last time, they did "Nazi Punks Fuck Off" after a particularly scathing Jello rant about corporate entities. I'm very glad I got to see Jello do that one live. Jello is pushing 60 now and still running around like a maniac and doing weird gestures during the performance, one can only aspire to have that kind of energy and stage presence at his age. His voice sounds as well as a singer who's been doing this for 35 years can sound at that age too. It was a 2 hour set going until 1 AM again, lots of the solo stuff again but a decent amount of Dead Kennedys classics break it up if you haven't heard any of Guantanamo's material. Definitely check Jello and the Guantanamo School of Medicine out if they ever play a show near you, you will find it a hell of a lot more entertaining than East Bay Ray and Klaus Flouride's joke that they call Dead Kennedys now.

    Deltron 3030: July 3rd in Cleveland at the House of Blues

    This was the first time Deltron 3030 ever performed in Cleveland, the show was at House of Blues which is located at the very heart of the beast in downtown (anyone from Cleveland familiar with the venue knows, it's right at the very center of the city). I for one never believed I would see Deltron 3030 live; they were an obscure underground hip hop supergroup whose original album was released in 2000 (Yes, I know Deltron 3030 is not very obscure on the internet, but in real life, try striking up a conversation about Deltron 3030. You won't get many who recognize it.) Deltron 3030's second album Event II was the underground hip hop version of Detox, and I never even expected to hear that. But in 2013 by some freakishly tiny statistical chance, Deltron 3030 was back with Event II and world touring in support. And I was not going to miss this, neither was my friend Dawg who accompanied me, he is possibly the most hardcore Deltron 3030 fan on the eastern half of America.

    Kid Koala did his solo turntablism set to open it up. In an inverse of the time Killer Mike made me and Dawg go on stage (along with the whole crowd), Kid Koala jumped into the crowd and demanded we do some weird dance to go along to his song composed for a children's show. Another absolutely bizarre true story.

    Deltron 3030 took to the stage with the commanding presence one would expect from a team of intergalactic, time traveling super heroes of hip hop. Joining Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, Dan the Automator and Koala were a guitarist, bassist and drummer. This worked really well in the context of Deltron, as their albums have ridiculous production values which include a lot of layering. Dan the Automator pulled double duty as Del's hype man while playing off of an Ipad. Del was on top of his game as well, he killed it and as Dawg the Del historian pointed out, Del only skipped one line during the whole concert. Dawg got us a spot right in the front and center for most of the show. They opened with the first songs from Deltron 3030 in album sequence before going to some Event II album material in sequence, then they alternated between Mastermind, Virus, Memory Loss and more new material. Then they did Clint Eastwood for the encore. I got to see Del do Clint Eastwood with Deltron 3030. That just blows my mind. What also blows my mind is Dawg, he knew every line and sang the whole concert. He must have studied lyric sheets before going.

    Anyway, by the end of this show, midnight was fast approaching and it was about to be July 4th. Celebrating July 4th with the premonitions of a future dystopian intergalactic American empire from which Deltron 3030 save mankind in 3030, 3040 and 4010 (cited sources: Deltron 3030, "City Rising From The Ashes"). All preceded by the dissatisfaction and chaos of current America courtesy of one Jello Biafra. Now that is how you celebrate a fucking country, America. I spent July 4th being an unpatriotic bastard, drinking Canadian alcohol and watching the World Cup of futbol/soccer/football/whatever the fuck you want to call it, still reeling in the awe of my latest 1-2 concert punch.
  • Rare Archival Footage Re-Release: Vin's concert reviews from the year 2009

    Mai 25 2014, 7h40

    I went and saw Primus for the second time two days ago. It was great. However, the topic of this post has a greater purpose. In 2009, I wrote some very poor reviews of shows I saw that are in danger of becoming lost to the internet's black hole of unsearchable obscurity. So in all poorly utilized grammar, questionable opinions and unmistakably teenage Vin style, here are reviews of the Mayhem Festival of 2009 and Thrash And Burn Tour 2009. Brought to you by 18 year old Vin, a person infinitely stupider than 2014 Vin.

    The following is a post brought to you by Vin, age 18, on August 2nd of 2009

    So I paid $40 for tickets a long time ago (before Slayer announced a new album, before seeing Manson's terrible performances this tour, etc.) and finally 7/31 came around. Showed up at like 2 PM and these were the bands me and my friends planned on checking out.

    Marilyn Manson
    Killswitch Engage
    All That Remains
    Cannibal Corpse
    Job for a Cowboy
    God Forbid
    The Black Dahlia Murder

    Luckily, Mushroomhead (cue "Dark and Evil Joe" quotes) replaced the incredibly terrible Bullet For My Valentine on this stop. White Chapel sucks, so I didn't bother to check them out at all.

    Whitechapel: They were playing when we got there. Heard their shit from a distance and stayed away. Terrible excuse for a band. Automatic 0/10

    Black Dahlia Murder: I like Miasma a lot and Nocturnal was pretty good, they put on a solid show. A lot of their songs sounded the same though. 7/10

    God Forbid: I was back in the parking lot smoking blunts while this band played. Came back to catch a song and a half that were both okay. I remember the Constitution of Treason album was pretty good back in 2005. 5/10

    Job for a Cowboy: You know what sucks? Having to listen to the metalcore formula of BREE *riff 1* BREEEEEEE *riff 2* for a half hour straight. Most of my friends enjoyed them but I thought they were pathetic, even though I was stoned. 4/10

    All That Remains: Phil Labonte sounded good and the crowd was into it. They mostly played songs off Overcome and Fall of Ideals. 7/10.

    Behemoth: I've heard a lot of good things about them, but never bothered to check them out until now. I've obviously been missing something because this was the best show of the day yet at that point. 8.5/10

    Trivium: I hate everything about Trivium. My friends loved it, but I spent the whole time annoyed. The one song I like by them ("Pull Harder On the Strings of Your Martyr") was in between a bunch of same-sounding, early Metallica ripoff songs. 2/10

    Cannibal Corpse: Finally, a band that played a lot of good songs, and the crowd was intense as hell the whole time.

    1. Evisceration Plague
    2. The Time To Kill Is Now
    3. I Cum Blood
    4. Sentenced To Burn
    5. Make Them Suffer
    6. Priests Of Sodom
    7. Hammer Smashed Face
    8. Stripped, Raped, & Strangled

    Setlist. My favorites were probably the 1-2 Sentenced to Burn and then Make them Suffer. The crowd went ballistic at Hammer Smashed Face. 9/10

    Mushroomhead: Ever since J. Mann left, I haven't been into much of their new material, and their live performances are missing something too. Waylon did a decent enough impression though and Jeffrey Nothing sounded good. Not enough material from Superbuick and M3 though. 7.5/10

    Killswitch Engage: They suck. Their guitarist is the biggest fruitcake in metal, and all their songs sound the same. Yet again, I opted to spend this time consuming lots of alcohol and not caring about KSE. 0/10

    Slayer: Ah yes, the crowd started out with nothing but shouts of "FUCKIIIIN SLLLLAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYEEEERRRRRRRRRR" and became one giant pit not too soon after they started.

    1. Darkness Of Christ
    2. Disciple
    3. War Ensemble
    4. Jihad
    5. Psychopathy Red
    6. Born Of Fire
    7. Mandatory Suicide
    8. Chemical Warfare
    9. Ghosts Of War
    10. Dead Skin Mask
    11. Hell Awaits
    12. Angel Of Death
    13. South Of Heaven
    14. Raining Blood

    Setlist. Needless to say, I was very happy that the setlist was so heavy on old, classic Slayer tracks and only "Jihad", "Psychopathy Red", and "Disciple" from the newer albums. Kinda sad that they didn't play Seasons in the Abyss or Postmortem, but who cares, they kicked just as much ass as they did back when I saw them on Unholy Alliance 3 years ago (except for the fact the openers there just blew Slayer out of the water). 9/10

    Marilyn Manson: Yeah, I like the fact Twiggy's back, but he's on guitar now and Manson is a fat fuck now too. Manson sounded okay in terms of this tour, but terrible compared to say, 1998. He headbanged lazily and huffed oxygen in between songs, but what do you expect from a makeup wearing 40 year old who's still trying to be shocking and relevant?

    1. We're From America
    2. Disposable Teens
    3. Rock is Dead
    4. Irresponsible Hate Anthem
    5. Little Horn
    6. Arma-Goddamn Motherfucking-Geddon
    7. The Dope Show
    8. 4 Rusted Horses
    9. Tourniquet
    10. Sweet Dreams
    11. The Beautiful People

    Just new songs and hits, so a boring setlist too. 5/10.

    Well, that was Mayhem fest. $40 for a few decent bands (Mushroomhead, ATR) and a few great ones (Slayer, CC, and Behemoth). Aside from the short setlist times, not really worth it in my book. After we left, I proceeded to parachute a xanax, drink a half a bottle of vodka, and black out on my friend's floor. But it was a good time while I was conscious. Fuckin great concert.

    tl;dr: Went to Mayhem Fest, it was a cool story bro.

    What a riveting tale. I'll bet that one could go down in the history books for worst concert review ever written by a non-autistic person.

    Now, for something even more embarrassing (how is such a feat more possible at this point?), a review of a show which featured legendarily shitty fucking retarded moron-core band Emmure in a headlining position. Fuck the world.

    The following is a post brought to you by Vin, age 18, on August 19th of 2009

    My friends' band was on the bill and I got a ticket off one of them for $10 a long time ago.

    Bands I bothered to check out:

    Against All Hope (local band)
    Veil of Maya
    My Children My Bride
    Crown The Martyr (friends' band)
    Despised Icon

    Against All Hope: This is a local band, and their singer was given what I can only describe as the gayest pair of shorts ever by Emmure, to wear during their set. So it was basically a dude in daisy dukes and nothing else jumping around in my face the whole time. The band blew too. Fucking garbage. 2/10

    Oceano: I think I spent this band's whole set talking to my friends. They were generic -core. 3/10

    Veil of Maya: I was probably too smashed at this point to care, but from what I remember, more generic -core. 3/10

    My Children My Bride: Saw one song and decided my time was best spent in the courtyard smoking cigarettes. 0/10

    Crown The Martyr: I'm friends with everyone in this band, so a review from me is going to be biased towards them. They managed to actually keep a crowd this time, and my friend Koub who plays guitar ripped his shirt off (he's pretty fat). They had a new song and successfully started a circle pit too. 8/10 based on their previous performances, but again most of you would probably hate it.

    Despised Icon: Completely brought the shit down. The crowd was into it, and they played mostly stuff off The Ills of Modern Man, which is the only album by them I've heard. It was pretty good. Didn't bother with the pit because it was full of Emmure fans, hardcore dancing or blindly swinging like fucking retards. 8.5/10

    Emmure: They opened with "Soundwave Superior", that video everyone makes fun of. That was all I needed to hear to know it was gonna suck. I went to the Pizza shop down the block. 0/10.

    Devildriver: Most of my friends left after we got a pizza, so it was up to me and my friend Chris alone to take on the Devildriver pit. They came out and kicked ass, solid setlist with most of their well known songs and a couple from the new one. The rest of the band was great, but Dez was only okay. The mic cut out a couple times, and his voice is definately showing age. All the Emmure-tards left, and the place was about 60%-ish full though, so it was an actual pit without a bunch of hardcore dancing faggots. Had an awesome time in a real pit, without having to dodge flykicks. 9/10.

    Well, if you go, I'd suggest having other things to do, because there's still only 2 good bands on the bill. My friends' band was on the bill and I got a ticket off one of them for $10 a long time ago.

    I'd like to thank my friends Eddie and Jakoub for being good friends that day and performing a nice set even if their music probably wasn't that spectacular, I haven't seen them in a while now. Other than that, it was a ridiculous clusterfuck of a billing looking back. Funny my friends played after bands that are relatively well known in that whole -core shit scene now. This was like right before I moved away from where I went to high school and started going to college. I actually saw a fucking Emmure concert and they really are the worst band I've ever seen in concert. Coal Chamber sucked, Devildriver's older stuff was pretty good back then and Despised Icon were decent. Everything else at this one fucking blew big old AIDS cock though. 2009 was a weird time in my life, but whatever, this is some rare vintage material from my 18 year old mind. Which has only grown more educated and yet corrupted since then.

    So now that I'm 5 years removed in 2014, what do I have to say? Slayer's final show with the original lineup I would ever see. Fucking amazing. Probably won't ever see this new Gary Holt/Paul Bostaph bastard Slayer that's been roaming the Earth. Cannibal Corpse, Behemoth and even The Black Dahlia Murder were great sets. Fucking awesome bands. As much as I talk shit on Mushroomhead for their new stuff, they were great at one point in time as well. Devildriver and Despised Icon are bands that get too much hate, I liked most of what they've done too. Was Slayer better back with Unholy Alliance 2006? Yeah, that show was like a teenage metal utopia with Mastodon, Lamb of God and Children of Bodom opening. Marilyn Manson sucked live, his material since then has sucked too, a shame because I still really like 90's Marilyn Manson and I'll probably never bother with him live again. Whitechapel and Job For A Cowboy aren't as bad as I made it out to be, but fucking All That Remains has gotten fucking shit-tastically worse since then, to the point where I don't give a damn about anything new.

    If you read this, I have one question for you. Why the fuck did you read that shit?

    "Worst review ever" - Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons
  • Why GWAR was the Best Live Act of All Time

    Mar 25 2014, 1h21

    Dedicated to the legacy of Oderus Urungus, whose home planet needs him much like Poochie's.

    GWAR was never on my mind much in recent years until the tragic and sudden death of Oderus Urungus himself, Mr. Dave Brockie, on March 23, 2014 at age 50. I was one of the lucky witnesses to the experience that is a GWAR concert at age 16 back in 2007, when GWAR headlined the metal festival Sounds of the Underground which featured many of 2007's most popular and most acclaimed metal acts, bands I am very familiar with and have seen many times in concert since. Chimaira, The Acacia Strain, Every Time I Die, Job for a Cowboy, Goatwhore, Amon Amarth and Darkest Hour all played that day, and yet the best act of the festival was the alien invasion and cultural terrorism known as GWAR. This would be the only time I would be in attendance at ground zero. Unlike every other act I have listed, who most metal enthusiasts would claim were at their absolute prime back in 2007, GWAR were already nearly 25 years deep into their invasion of Earth and featured two members who are now deceased, the other being Flattus Maximus, Earth name Cory Smoot. What I witnessed that day was the absolute apex in live experience trumping recorded music, the moment defeating the wails of a thousand voiceless critics, the perfect combination of theatrical and musical outlandishness. No band has ever put on a live performance quite like GWAR did, no one ever will again either. No other band has audience participation like GWAR did. No other live act could ever pull off what GWAR did, and acts like Slipknot and Mushroomhead gained far wider followings along with critical and commercial success despite essentially being a watered down, less weird version of GWAR. GWAR's sound combined thrash metal, hardcore punk music, and other metal subgenres with bizarre forays into pretty much any form of music imaginable. GWAR's actual studio albums are insane trips into delusional madness from the point of view of invading space aliens, and I am guilty of not paying much attention to their recent output. The last new GWAR album I downloaded was 2009's Lust in Space, and I did not even know there was a GWAR album released in 2013 until today unfortunately. However, in my 16 year old mind, GWAR was the be all, end all of concert experiences and no other concert I have ever seen has lived up to the experience of their set at the 2007 Sounds of the Underground tour in my current mind, and I don't think that will ever change. No one will ever be GWAR again, no concert will ever live up to the standards of a GWAR concert and those of you who never witnessed will never understand, you missed something special.
  • 13 songs and 13 albums Vin liked in 2013

    Dez 24 2013, 4h14

    So, the year is almost over and I think it's about time to declare which music made me aroused and titillated the most in the past 12 months. I prefer aural stimulation over the voyeuristic kind so therefore "artists" such as Katy Perry or Miley Cyrus who sold a buttload of albums and downloads will not be making the list, because the only thing those women were good at was sucking a mean cock.

    Anyway, now that that distinction's been made, it's time to look back at 2013, a year I'd rather run on a treadmill made of nails for 12 consecutive months than have to repeat. But there was glorious music to be heard. As anyone who is a music fan can attest to, 2013 had it's ups and downs, disappointments and those who fired large on all cylinders. And this list is for those who turned in beasts of performances and refused to fall to the wayside in a fiery act of terrorism. First will be the songs, then the albums.


    13. Where The River Goes by Amplifier, from the live album "Live in Barcelona"

    So I'll preface this by saying Amplifier's new album from 2013, Echo Street, largely sucked and put me to sleep half the time with drawn out, mostly mellow performances like this one but without this song's hooks and interesting instrumentation. I went with the superior live version released as the single for their new concert album from Barcelona. This is still the best Steven Wilson song released in 2013, because his new album was also an exercise in tedium and bored me to death with it's copy-paste rehash of 70's bloated prog.

    12. Get Lucky by Daft Punk from the album "Random Access Memory"

    Here it is, here's the one time you're going to see me praise anything that was a massive hit single or album on this entire list. This song is catchy as hell, the upbeat funk groove is great, and while this (and the whole album) sound absolutely nothing like the Daft Punk of Interstella 5555 and Discovery times, this song was at least a success in the change of style. Plus Pharell kills the hook and Nile Rodgers rules too. That aside, I like old Daft Punk and prefer the electronic stuff so the album wasn't great. While I am touching on hit pop music of the year which ruled the charts, here is a short list of the year's most successful "artists" who should have their vocal chords destroyed: Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Beyonce, Bon Jovi, Justin Beiber, Drake, Robin Thicke, Jack Johnson, and all those fucking country clowns. Okay. Done with ranting now.

    11. I Appear Missing by Queens of the Stone Age from the album "Like Clockwork"

    It was a close call between this and "I Sat By The Ocean" but in the end, I had to give it to the droning stoner rock freak stomp of "I Appear Missing". A great song continuing in the QOTSA tradition of off putting and odd sounding longer tracks, and my favorite from the new album.

    10. B.I.T.C.H. by Tech N9ne and T Pain from the album "Something Else"

    So here's an oddball choice for a few reasons. Tech N9ne's new album was easily the worst of his I have ever heard. He has also released a second album this year where he goes nu-metal with Ross Robinson. Weird and 10 years too late. Tech delivers decent verses with great flow here. But this first single with T Pain's autotune which I still hate, is used to hilarious effect. "I'm breaking in these niggas cribs" in autotune made me laugh until cheap vodka poured out of my nose and piss soaked my underwear. And for that, I'm putting it on here.

    9. You Lust by The Flaming Lips from the album "The Terror"

    With this song, Flaming Lips throw the switch into full on Pink Floyd prog combined with the trance inducing effect of throbbing synth repetition and an almost industrial sound. The album was meh, but this song was fucking amazing and for being a 13 minute drone, it never got boring or too repetitive for me. Again, the love of Flaming Lips' Embryonic album and progressive like Pink Floyd and Porcupine Tree really influenced my praise of this track.

    8. An Ocean of Wisdom by Gorguts from the album "Colored Sands"

    I really like metal. Gorguts is a band that combines the best of technically skilled death and progressive metal and reunited recently. Gorguts' reunion album is probably one of the best reunion albums of all time, and this is the second track from said album. I could have picked a few tracks to name as the best, but I will go with the second track as it's the one that really made me pay attention when I first put it on. Great stuff if you're into this sort of music.

    7. Lab Monkey by Alice in Chains from the album "The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here"

    Okay, anyone familiar with my tastes knew I was going to put a new Alice In Chains song on this, even in 2013 and with Layne Staley being dead. Alice in Chains are one of my favorite bands of all time, and the new stuff is still solid in my opinion. I picked this song because William Duvall actually gets to sing more than just backup on the chorus, but these last 2 AIC albums with William replacing Layne have basically been Jerry Cantrell's Degradation Trip Vol. 3 and 4. That isn't a bad thing. Oh, and the new Pearl Jam album sucked, so AIC is doing better than their remaining peer still.

    6. Melding Of The Minds by Deltron 3030 and Zack De La Rocha from the album "Deltron 3030 Event II"

    If it were 2003 and not 2013 right now, this would have been my number one pick for best song of the year, 2003. But it's 2013 and Deltron 3030 and Zack De La Rocha both have one thing in common: Immense talent and a lack of desire to actually display that talent. Deltron 3030 Event II was to the underground of hip hop what Detox was to the mainstream, or what Chinese Democracy was to hard rock music. It finally got released and had a lot of great tracks to choose from, I almost went with "Pay the Price" but this track managed to pull Zack out of his exile to create a great collaboration. But for real, if it were 2003 this would be #1.

    5. Mr. Freedom by Clutch from the album "Earth Rocker"

    So Clutch finally got around to making a new album this year and no surprise, it was really fucking good and by ditching their keyboard and organ player they've gone back to a more stoner rock oriented style. "Mr. Freedom" is a song about the Tea Party, a political movement in the United States that would be the most hilarious parody if it were not reality. Neil shouting "Every time you open your mouth a load of horse shit comes flying back out" was almost as funny as T Pain in autotune talking about breaking into houses. And the riffs and drums kill it too.

    4. In Two by Nine Inch Nails from the album "Hesitation Marks"

    Let me reiterate the same thing I said about Alice in Chains here and say yes, one of my favorites of all time so yes, there will be an appearance. I mean at this point in the list I haven't given a single song to an act that hasn't been around for at least a decade so fuck off.

    Yeah so back to Nine Inch Nails, they are also back this year and to a varying degree, the new album is all over the place. Some songs, like this one, fit right into the Nine Inch Nails catalog while others sound unlike anything they've ever done. "In Two" has that slow building grind and heavy emphasis on pulsating synths and guitars to work with it, reaching those frenzied industrial freak outs that NIN is known for. This song reminds me most of The Fragile era NIN and for being one of the final tracks on the album, it remains a strong point.

    3. Unfit For Human Consumption by Carcass from the album "Surgical Steel"

    Back when I reviewed Gorguts' "An Ocean of Wisdom" I praised them for coming back with new material as good as their old material. Gorguts was not the only 90s death metal group to release a comeback album this year, there was also the infamous Carcass who released an album which was front to back filled with great, intense, visceral death metal. I liked 10 of the 12 songs pretty much fucking equally, awesome front to back so I'm just going to give the single from the album the #3 spot for best song I liked all year. I know this kind of music isn't for everyone but goddammit if it hasn't been a great time for fans of metal this year.

    2. Banana Clipper by Killer Mike and EL P featuring Big Boi from the album "Run The Jewels"

    What a fucking amazing collection of rappers on the same track. Seriously, this is the hands down best collaboration I've heard all year and maybe even all of last year too if I could remember that far back. This is a very simple beat for the kind of elaborate shit El P usually concocts but on the mic, he and Killer Mike gave insane performances all across the Run The Jewels release. "Told her she raised a bunch of fuck boys, try and do better bitch". Hard as fuck, Killer Mike doesn't give a fuck and then Big Boi spits a pretty awesome closing verse. It's sad that any media outlet wouldn't touch Run The Jewels with a 10 foot pole in 2013, it offered up the best anyone was putting out there.

    1. Bound 2 by Kanye West from the album "Yeezus"

    "I wanna fuck you hard on the sink
    After that, give you something to drink
    Step back, can't get spunk on the mink"


    Okay for reals this time: 1. When I Lost My Bet by The Dillinger Escape Plan from the album "One Of Us Is The Killer"

    The Dillinger Escape Plan are still one of the most chaotic and frenzied bands out there, and in 2013 they released their best album since 2004's Miss Machine in my opinion, the excellent One Of Us Is The Killer. "When I Lost My Bet" was one of the songs on the album to get a music video, the bizarre pile of whatever the fuck is going on linked above. From the frantic marching intro with the insane drumming to the explosive choruses, and the weird angular riffing which compliments the rhythm perfectly. I also can't get enough of Greg Puciato's vocals, he has been one of the most interesting vocalists in metal in the last 10 years since he began fronting The Dillinger Escape Plan back with the Miss Machine album. In 2013, no one was killing it harder and with more perversion than DEP.

    The Adam Lanza Award for Song Most Likely To Kill Your Children

    In this section, I hand select a song that is so terrible, it can only compare to the heinous crimes of Sandy Hook elementary school massacre shooter Adam Lanza. In 2013, there were tons of offensively awful songs pumped out there into the public like ricin and mustard gas just waiting to enter your ears and force you to beg for deafness. Going after something like "Radioactive", "Safe and Sound", "Thrift Shop", "Royals" or "Blurred Lines" is too easy: Those are all fucking garbage that belong in the recycle bin. I hope I never have to hear those pieces of shit again. However, THIS is the song which I bestow the honor of the Adam Lanza award of 2013 to:

    For those of you who aren't clicking, that was Rebecca Black's sequel to her awful song "Friday" from a few years ago. A song like that took no musical talent whatsoever to compose or produce. Who in the fuck was clamoring for a Rebecca Black comeback anyway? Bitch should have stayed in 8th grade retirement. So congratulations Rebecca Black, "Saturday" is the 2013 recipient of the coveted Adam Lanza Award for Song Most Likely To Kill Your Children.

    To wash out your ears, I've provided a link to one of my favorite songs from 2012, "Black Saturday" by Soundgarden, which steamrolls Black's "Saturday" into flat fecal matter:

    ...And All That Could Have Been: Honorable Mentions Who Nearly Made It

    Hey, how about a bunch of albums I liked more than I hated before I list the 13 I really really liked listening to over and over? These are all mostly good albums and you should check them out, they were overall worthwhile additions to my music collection.

    The Devil Put the Dinosaurs Here by Alice in Chains
    AMOK by Atoms for Peace (aka Radiohead Chili Peppers)
    True North by Bad Religion
    Everblack by The Black Dahlia Murder
    13 by Black Sabbath
    Tomorrow's Harvest by Boards of Canada
    Boris Performs "Flood" by Boris (almost my troll #1 song of the year because why the fuck not)
    Random Access Memories by Daft Punk
    Old by Danny Brown
    The Next Day by David Bowie
    In The Minds Of Evil by Deicide
    The Retinal Circus by Devin Townsend
    The Terror by The Flaming Lips
    Habitual Levitations by Intronaut
    Stay Trippy by Juicy J
    Meir by Kvelertak
    The Last Patrol by Monster Magnet
    My Bloody Valentine by My Bloody Valentine
    Abandon All Life by Nails
    Push The Sky Away by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
    Shrines Of New Generation Slaves by Riverside

    I don't know why my list kind of petered off towards the end of the alphabet, but as you can see there were a lot of full albums in 2013 I enjoyed listening to all the way through. So without further delay, I present to you the 13 albums I listened to over and over and over and over in 2013, beginning with the namesake for our honorable mentions category...


    13. Hesitation Marks by Nine Inch Nails

    Rating: 2.79/3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169

    So we will start with an album I did discuss while mentioning "In Two" in the favorite songs list. Nine Inch Nails are back and to a mixed result. As mentioned before, this album tends to be all over the fucking place. The intro into "Copy of A" is a great start, classic Nine Inch Nails right there. "Came Back Haunted" is a decent single type song, not anything special, and "Find My Way" is straight boring. However, it's the middle and end that carry this album: "All Time Low" sounds fucking nothing like any recent NIN, but shares the funky carelessness of Pretty Hate Machine of all past work. I really liked this left turn. "Disappointed" sounds like new Radiohead songs or something, but I like those too. "Everything" is the worst Nine Inch Nails song since those aimless laptop noise songs off The Slip and the song after that one is equally boring, but after that it really steps it's game up: "Various Methods of Escape", "I Would for You", and "In Two" are straight up classic Nine Inch Nails industrial, moody grinds of pulsing synth, bursting guitar and explosive hooks. Those last two songs with the minimalistic approach into the wall of noise were a cool ending too. So hey, Trent Reznor still has it for the most part in 2013, good for that old bastard.

    12. Sunbather by Deafheaven

    Rating: 21.8 grams/1 ounce of dank

    I never heard of this band until this year, and got to experience their sudden overhype and backlash on the internet in an almost record time for an act like this. Basically, what Deafheaven's Sunbather album is all about is combining a sort of hardcore and black metal style with alternative elements like old grunge and shoegaze sounding guitar riffs. It's not original at all, it's not the first time this was ever done, and that's where a lot of the backlash has come from. But for being a new album in 2013, this is pretty damn solid. It reminds me of that one time Between the Buried and Me released an album full of Soundgarden and Smashing Pumpkins covers actually. I went to see this band live though and both the band and the crowd were totally lifeless aside from me and my equally drunken friend jumping around and enjoying the free access (working in the concert industry has perks). I can't believe a band that sounds like this can't even have a mosh pit at their concert live. Sunbather is certainly interesting for those of us who like 10 minute long metal tracks that feature variation and an incorporation of diverse rock styles, but they had a meteoric rise and fall on opinion online this year. I liked it, it's pretty good, it's #12 motherfucker.

    11. Deltron 3030 Event II by Deltron 3030

    Rating: 3030/4010

    Yeah, were back on the topic of the Detox of underground rap music, an album nobody thought would ever come out. Somehow, beyond all odds in the universe, Deltron 3030 Event II was actually released in 2013. And unlike Deltron 3030, the original and one of my favorite rap albums of all time, this one featured a magnitude of guests ranging from Black Rob, the one true based god Mike Patton of Faith No More, Mr. Bungle and Tomahawk, Zack De La Rocha of Rage Against the Machine, Damon Albarn of Blur and Gorillaz, David Cross, Andy Samberg, Jamie Cullum and famous actor Joseph Gordon Levitt. That is an impressive list of guests to accompany Del, Kid Koala and Dan the Automator on another album through their dystopian sci-fi future world. In "The Return" we establish it is now 3040 and by the time penultimate track "City Rising From The Ashes" kicks in, it's 4010. Deltron Zero and his crew of futuristic warrior rap heroes and DJ superheroes or whatever certainly go on the warpath through the whole album to prove they can still bring it, in 2013 or 3040 or whenever the fuck this eventually ends. And the guests were no slouches either.

    10. Volition by Protest the Hero

    * This full album was not on youtube, so I've linked to the two music videos instead:

    "Underbite" 7:50 -
    "Clarity" 5:33 -

    Rating: 109 gigaguts/121 gigaguts full of cheeseburgers

    So here was a big shocker that I never saw coming until I listened to the newest album from Protest The Hero a while back. I listened to this band way back in high school and haven't really bothered with them much since, but then suddenly in 2013 they were back with a new album with modern metal drumming beast Chris Adler of Lamb of God in the band. And wow, these guys are basically trying to continue on what Dillinger Escape Plan did with their great stuff from this year, although this band's vocalist is no Greg Puciato. As far as modern technical and prog metal that doesn't go straight into hardcore, noise or death goes, these guys really had a solid album this year. And Chris Adler on the drums definitely brings a great rhythm to the table on this thing. I never would have seen it coming, but Protest The Hero's new album was pretty damn good.

    9. Czarface by Inspectah Deck, 7L, and Esoteric

    Rating: 90.3% pure Jesse Pinkman brand meth/99.1% pure Heisenberg brand meth

    So this is one of two Wu-Tang related projects released in 2013 that I found very put together and keeping that group's legacy still going, despite the failure of their hyped album "A Better Tomorrow" which was supposed to come out in 2013. Inspectah Deck teams up with an underground rap duo from Boston consisting of producer 7L and rapper Esoteric, and what they came up with was an underrated moment in the 2013 music pantheon worth revisiting or checking out if you didn't hear it. The beats are phenomenal, 7L is definitely a hip hop producer I need to check more from and Esoteric certainly keeps up with Deck and guests like Mr. Mothafuckin Xquire, Ghostface, Action Bronson and Vinnie Paz brought some nice verses to the table as well. One greatly timed and appropriate sample amongst many great choices (This album had better samples than Yeezus motherfuckers) was George Carlin's sample of his act on the importance of context of words: Hey, this is why I just gave an award out named after Adam Lanza, check the fucking context.. So yeah, this had awesome production, awesome verses, but somewhat weak hooks consisting of song titles repeated over and over. "Dead Zone", "Savagely Attack", "Czar Rafaeli" and "Poisonous Thoughts" are the high marks, and this is the album of 2013 that felt like creeping around the ghetto at 3 AM, even beating that recent Three 6 Mafia reunion mixtape Da Mafia 6ix I forgot to mention as an honorable for this year. That was a good one too, RIP Lord Infamous.

    8. Earth Rocker by Clutch

    Rating: 666/777

    I already had mentioned earlier my praise for the track "Mr. Freedom", but yeah, Clutch really had a solid album with their first release in a long while with Earth Rocker. It brought back that solid stoner rock groove that had kind of became a more blues and jam oriented thing with the previous albums from the late 2000s and harkens back to more Blast Tyrant and previous sounds, I am not disappointed. While Clutch are deep into their career, 21 years since their first album now, they now manage to sell better than ever and had their first top 40 chart hit of an album with Earth Rocker as well. Strange, but they deserve it (Oddly enough this research also revealed Protest The Hero achieved similar chart success). The first few tracks stomp in this return to the glory days of Clutch, there's still a few slower blues oriented tracks sounding like the last few albums too, but they all inspire one to smoke a bowl or two, get down to some feel good rock and hit the spot with some good ol' classic Clutch material up to par with some of the band's best records.

    7. Like Clockwork by Queens of the Stone Age

    * This full album was not on Youtube in actual album format, so here is the entire album performed live amongst other QOTSA classic songs:

    Rating: 72.27/81.18

    Well guess who finally showed their chops again this year in a similar way to Clutch, only instead of reverting back to previous stoner glories, instead Queens decided to expand yet again into the oddness and quirkiness of that vague stoner rock genre. Here, we have their first album since way back in 2007 with Era Vulgaris which was considered a flop upon release but was a sad bastard of a grower for sure. I'll start by saying the one-two punch of "Keep Your Eyes Peeled" and "I Sat By The Ocean" was an amazing show of return to form for QOTSA. "I Appear Missing" goes right along up there with some of their best. Some of those stranger middle tracks like "Fairweather Friends" with Elton John, "Kalopsia" with Trent Reznor and "Smooth Sailing" were also solid tracks. Bringing back Nick Oliveri and Dave Grohl for a few tracks was a nice addition, and adding Jon Theodore of The Mars Volta and One Day as a Lion as their new drummer was a very good selection. However, there was a big left field dud on here with "The Vampyre of Time and Memory" which is the worst song I ever heard these guys do, it's a depressing piano ballad which really had split opinions amongst my friends: Most loved it and I hated it. QOTSA is one of the few bands my friends and I can agree upon as unanimously great, and they did somehow hit #1 in America with this album, so they had a pretty successful return with Like Clockwork all things considered.

    6. Palms by Palms (aka Isistones)

    Rating: 8 maids a milking/9 maids a milking

    So here is another random pick in this list, the album which saw the ex-members of Isis minus Aaron Turner go on to form a project with Chino from Deftones on vocals. And it pretty much sounds exactly like what you would expect: Chino fronting Isis mixed in with the stranger aspects of Chino's old work (Saturday Night Wrist, Team Sleep). I like to listen to this album all the way through as opposed to single tracks, they don't really work as well apart as they did in sequence. "Future Warrior", "Mission Sunset" and "Shortwave Radio" are my choices for tracks to check out if you never heard this. It's kind of a niche item in this list and one with probably the least appeal outside of any death metal or hardcore related inclusions. But if you liked any Isis or Deftones this would be right up your alley.

    5. One of Us Is the Killer by The Dillinger Escape Plan

    Rating: Elevnty Zillion/Twentyteen Gazillion

    Yes, I am aware I gave the best song of the year award out to The Dillinger Escape Plan, but that's exactly why I am not putting them at #1. The Dillinger Escape plan put out an album that was in my opinion, their best in years. It's frantic, it's experimental, it's still manic and threatening to kick your face across the floor after all these years. The first three tracks showcase what you're in for, the rest kind of repeat that into the point where it's just a stew of manic moments and off kilter slower passages with vocal theatrics all over the place. It is admittedly hard to listen to an entire album of The Dillinger Escape Plan, but at the same time, it's a taxing beating that demands to be taken and reckoned with. "Paranoia Shields" and "Crossburner" were good late into the album, which closes with an unsurprisingly odd note titled "The Threat Posed By Nuclear Weapons". So it's Dillinger in 2013 and it's good, there it is.

    4. 12 Reasons To Die by Ghostface Killah and Adrian Younge

    Rating: 11 Reasons to Die/12 Reasons to Die

    So here is the final oddball inclusion before the equally confounding top 3, a project which saw Ghostface Killah return to the former glory of past work. Well, not exactly Ironman or Supreme Clientele, or even Fishscale level, but this is the best thing he has put out since Fishscale. Here, he teams up with producer Adrian Younge for a short concept album piece which revolves around live instrumentation as well as the typical soul samples of past Ghostface work. These compliment themselves very well together as Ghostface does what he does best: Tells a story. Which is why albums like "Apollo Kids" and "Ghostdeini The Wizard of Emrald Poetry" or whatever the hell that R&B one was called have largely sucked in recent years. This works terrifically as an entire album piece, I feel that every song is a valuable part to the whole, which should be listened to in sequence vs. selecting one track which rose above the rest, though I will mention "Blood On The Cobblestones", "I Declare War" and "Murder Spree", which also feature Wu members Inspectah Deck and Masta Killah, as highlights amongst the story. Ghostface finally released another interesting album in 2013 and it was a better year for it.

    3. Surgical Steel by Carcass

    Rating: 2.88888888888/3

    So we match the numbers here with what I basically said before: There's two short tracks at the beginning to set the tone basically, and then it's classic death metal goodness from Carcass all the way til' the thing ends. I already said all I need to say in the #3 post from the song list: Surgical Steel was great, #3 album of the year, crank it up again.

    2. Colored Sands by Gorguts

    Rating: 93% complete

    Yes, another death metal band this high up the list. Yes, I know most of the people reading this have no idea who Gorguts is or about their classic albums "Obscura" and "From Wisdom To Hate". And most people don't realize how crazy it is that their 2013 comeback album "Colored Sands" is as good as those two albums. With time, Gorguts has lost nothing in this return. Technical death metal is one of those genres that most people aren't into and never will be, but if there was a band I would recommend to check out to get into it, it is Gorguts. This entire album, front to back, not a dull fucking moment in the stretch. Just listen to the damn thing if you like this sort of music, there's something severely wrong with you if you like metal and do not like "Colored Sands". And for this, it is #2 on the list. It can only play second fiddle to the sound of something completely incomparable, like playing a fiddle and a tuba together or some shit like that.

    1. Run The Jewels by Killer Mike and EL P


    In 2012, two of my favorite hip hop releases were the amazing "R.A.P. Music" by Killer Mike and "Cancer 4 Cure" by El P. If I wrote a list of my favorite music in 2012 those 2 albums would have been in the top 5. So how fitting that #1 of 2013 combines the two flavors like a sundae of hard hitting experimental hip hop goodness. I'm not writing anymore, go fucking listen to it, it's great, you have no excuse not to and it isn't as admittedly inaccessible as the last few albums have been either. Finally, this is short: 34 minutes. It was the best half hour of music I heard all year long, make it the best half hour of music you hear in 2014 (so far).

    The Sarah Palin Award for Most Retarded Album of 2013

    Artists like to compare their compositions to children sometimes, like the egotists they sometimes are. And therein lies the joke, because Sarah Palin is both completely fucking retarded and has a down syndrome stricken child. Get it? Ha ha, purposely offensive! The Sarah Palin Award is for the album which was the most mentally challenging, in that it compelled everything in my mental capacity not to hit the stop button or smash whatever it was playing on violently into a million pieces. Again, I am not going to select a random album I never even listened to that most assuredly sucks because it's too easy, so the best selling albums of the year list is not going to be the usual suspect for this session of lame duck hunting.

    There were a few easy ones to consider which would easily piss off casual readers: "Yeezus" was close but I would have chosen Jay Z's "Magna Carta Holy Grail" as an even worse album than that, but there were still even worse albums this year from artists I generally like. Eminem had the "Marshall Mathers LP Part 2", which was a monumental failure by generating association with an actual good and controversial album while being F-grade level bullshit and radio fodder and is barely more offensive than my Sarah Palin award joke. Korn reunited with estranged born-again Christian guitarist Head to create a craptacular piece of shit album this year as well. But then there was this unforgivable fucking dog shit:

    So fittingly enough, the Sarah Palin Award for Most Retarded Album of 2013 goes to fellow Tea Party, tea-bagged mouth full of testicles cocksucker Dave Mustaine and Megadeth for their horrific piece of shit "Super Collider", which harkens back to the sounds of their drink coaster "Risk" from the late 90's. Don't even bother with it, and this is from someone who actually liked a lot of recent Megadeth albums like "Endgame" and "The System Has Failed". Fuck off, Dave, this is some more St. Anger imitation-level bullshit.

    The Grammy Award for "Best Album Of 2013"

    The 2013 nominees for Grammy awards in rock music are Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Neil Young, Paul McCartney, and David Bowie. I'm not joking. Therefore, this award is for the best album re-release of the year, an album which technically was released in 2013 but consisted entirely of work recorded years earlier. There were some great choices: Nirvana had their "In Utero" box set re-release and remaster which was my personal favorite, Lamb of God reissued their early millennium classic "As The Palaces Burn" from 2003, Rush released a remastered version of 2002's "Vapor Trails", A Perfect Circle released their retrospective box set and Boris released a live rendition of their classic "Flood" album-length track.

    However, I am giving this award to the stellar remastered reissue of Godflesh's final album "Hymns" from 2001, which featured not only remastered production but a second disc of the demo versions of the album and a new track. Godflesh are currently gunning for 2014 for the release of the first album since "Hymns", so in 2014 we can hope they continue in the footsteps of metal acts of their time such as Gorguts, and release another one just as good as the prime material.

    This list is dedicated to Jeff Hanneman, Lou Reed, Chi Cheng and Lord Infamous, four immense talents the music world lost in 2013.

    "Music of 2014, save us all from mutually assured destruction tomorrow" - Vin. I probably won't write about music ever again now. I'm done.
  • Vin reviews Radiohead's new album The King of Limbs

    Fev 24 2011, 6h58

    Vin reviews the Pitchfork review for Radiohead's The King of Limbs, subsequently reviewing The King of Limbs, the album by Radiohead, by me:

    Radiohead, what can be said about Radiohead? A lot, and judging by the past reviews of albums by Radiohead from the hipster hivemind hellhole that is, you can write a lot of horrific reviews about something that vaguely resembles the music being discussed while interjecting random thoughts of things nobody really cares about.

    That's why my review of Radiohead's new album will be a side by side comparision of the following review:

    Let's begin with my score: 120.97/151.01

    Reviewer guy proceeds to discuss how In Rainbows pioneered internet music. Yawn. I see nothing about the music. Kind of like how "Bloom" is an underwhelming intro track that skips and glitches nowhere, and more resembles the Flying Lotus/Thom Yorke collabo more than any Radiohead track in quite some time. It's jazzy and sounds like it was recorded underwater at Sea World, kind of like when you eat too much ambien and start seeing three of everything.

    "Morning Mr. Magpie", on the other hand, is a great track in it's simple repetition and sea of random guitar feedback. It's like drone music for hipsters that's not Sunn O, or is it? No. Thom Yorke's vocals seem to provide the only counter to the mechanical loop and echoing noise, and his lyrics are as depressing and bleak as ever. Now, Reviewer guy continues to talk about Thom Yorke for 5 minutes, as every hipster relates to his slightly schizophrenic personality, as presented here in 1993:

    I saw people trying to compare this to the Beatles on the internet and thought "wow, these people are trying way too hard". The title sounds like a Beatles song called "Mean Mr. Mustard", that's it.

    "Little By Little" tries to bring back the more upbeat elements of In Rainbows with acoustic guitars and more super sped up glitchy beats. This song is the first to sound more like an actual song though, by that I mean it has more than one seemingly endless part. In the chorus Thom Yorke says "I'm such a tease and you're such a flirt", further proving suspicion that he's never had sex and is afraid of every human being on Earth. But this is a great track as well, don't let my rambling get you wrong. Likewise, Reviewer guy, who I hope isn't Brett DiCerenso or whatever that dude who wrote his life story and called it a review of Kid A's name is, has finally gotten around to comparing this album to The Bends (NOTHING like it), OK Computer (NOTHING like it), Kid A (Vaguely resembles it at times), and Amnesiac (getting closer but 10 times better than Amnesiac, which is horrible in my opinion).

    "Feral" is your token piece of experimental noise. Great background elevator music.

    In the ongoing saga of Reviewer guy at Pitchfork's conquest of reviewing this sure to be turning point in hipster history, he has finally gotten around to discussing The King of Limbs. That's right, one whole paragraph where he barely discusses a single song. Who didn't see that? Then he compares it to "Bodysnatchers". (Tim and Eric's) Awesome (show), Great job. You suck at reviewing music competently sir.

    "Lotus Flower", absolutely ridiculous music video aside, which shows what happens if you decide to dance in front of your Apple macbook on molly powder for 8 hours alone as Thom Yorke and some Radiohead fans like to do, is another good song. Dark ambience, glitchy percussion and beats, and a nice vocal performance from Thom. His imagery sure seems to relate to nature a lot here. The King of Limbs was named after a tree, did you know that? The echoey repeating vocals work with the glitchy nature to a good effect here.

    "Codex" brings back the piano. Radiohead have some very elegant and nicely arranged piano work, I have to say. This one is good, but In Rainbows had better ones. I wonder what Jonny Greenwood, who sold the H in his name to Thom long ago, did with his guitars though? Do you think he even knows how to play an actual guitar riff anymore? Like my long winded off topic friend over at Pitchfork has been doing, he is now reviewing these tracks in another sparse paragraph, before comparing the final track to Neil Young and fucking off with some disparaging words. You know what, enough of his nonsense. That hipster is full of shit and obviously needs to get a grasp on reviewing music. Mr. Mark Pytlik, you sure lick something that's not a pit.

    The segue of random nature noise into "Give Up the Ghost" leads to the reappearance of an acoustic guitar, as Thom Yorke echoes over the sparse atmosphere. There's also some bleating horn sounding thing that sounds like a foghorn. And falsettos that make that guy from Muse want to squeeze his balls in a vice and make more bad music.

    The album concludes with "Separator", the song that the hipster LD over at Pitchfork referred to as sounding like Neil Young, that old guy who played with Pearl Jam and has never sounded anything like Radiohead. It has an awesome drum loop and more vocals with echo effects. I especially like how Thom Yorke manages to sound more and more like a zombie with every Radiohead album. The guitar line on here halfway through is awesome though, if having a discernable guitar line makes you reminiscent of Neil Young I guess it's kind of like that. It ends with a strong track though.

    Overall, Radiohead's new album has proven to lead to a whole lot of humorous results. Pitchfork has rejected the band they once loved so much, hopefully hipsters will follow in suit, and the people who enjoy them can listen to them without the bandwagon of followers. It's pointless to harp on them any longer though, if you like Radiohead, you'll enjoy The King of Limbs.

    In short, 4/5

    As everybody knows though, it's no OK Computer (rated by me as 90 gazillion/100 gazillion), The Bends (rated 82.77/101.13), Kid A (rated 9000/115500), or In Rainbows (rated 4/5).

    - Vin, February 24, 2011

    Thom Yorke
    Neil Young
    The King of Limbs
    In Rainbows
    Kid A
    Hail to the Thief
    Hail To The Theif
    OK Computer
    Pablo Honey
    The Bends
    The Eraser
    Flying Lotus