• Biffy Clyro Brought Their 'A' Game!

    Mai 25 2011, 15h44

    Tue 24 May – Biffy Clyro

    Biffy Clyro hit the stage shirtless, showing off lots of ink, Colorado style last night at Larimer Lounge. The beginning was strong and heavy, playing many tracks off of their newest album, Only Revolutions. The crowd was pumped up as we watched the long-haired rockers pour everything into their performance. After 40 minutes or so, they took it down a notch and played Machines. The crowd glowed of approval as many sang along with this acoustic favorite. By the end of the performance, Biffy Clyro rocked Many Of Horror, which sent the crowd into overwhelming approval. The encore was kicked off with a semi-popular upbeat track and they closed out the night with Mountains. All-in-all, a great performance by the band and well worth it!
  • Arcade Fire played a magnificent show!

    Abr 11 2011, 17h29

    Last Saturday, when Arcade Fire came to Colorado and played at First Bank Center, they captivated the audience. Their selection of songs to play incorporated a healthy mix of classics from Funeral, some more obscure tracks with a following, and titles from their newest album, Suburbs. I was NOT left wanting. They performed each song with passion and energy. The place was absolutely packed! The crowd was on their feet from start to finish. Well worth the drive out of the city to the remote venue!

    Sat 9 Apr – Arcade Fire, Local Natives
  • She Wants Revenge isn't just there to rock you

    Mar 27 2011, 18h27

    Mon 21 Mar – She Wants Revenge
    The Californian opened for She Wants Revenge this night and did a good job keeping the crowd involved and excited.

    When She Wants Revenge came out the crowd was a buzz with anticipation and excitement. They did a great job promoting their new stuff, to be released this May, and playing fan-favorites from the previous albums.

    The fans with limited exposure to their earlier work got to see that, not only can She Wants Revenge rock your pants off, but they also deliver concise and clear messages relating to relationships and the search for love. In playing the song Kiss Me, the crowd had the great fortune of seeing the sensitive side of the artists.

    Despite the serious nature of the songs relating to heart-break, and fleeting hope, they didn't loosen their grip on their overwhelming capacity to energize us to the breaking point when they closed with their hit song Tear You Apart!

    Well worth the money and a perfectly suited venue for such a satisfying performance.
  • Simian Mobil Disco Put On a Real Show!

    Mar 20 2011, 15h15

    Mon 14 Mar – Simian Mobile Disco, The Juan MacLean, Blondes

    The opening DJs got progressively better until SMD finally came on. Although they didn't have any direct interaction with the crowd, they were full of energy and a real passion for their music. They captivated the audience from the very beginning through the end of their encore performance of the hit song "I Believe."

    I have no complaints to speak of. The show as a whole was a brilliant mix of audio and visual stimulation (accomplished by the massive lights behind the artists on stage). I would recommend an SMD show to anyone interested in a house-style mix of great music and visual effects that will keep your attention.
  • Tapes 'n Tapes are clearly rockers!

    Mar 6 2011, 8h29

    Sat 5 Mar – Tapes 'n Tapes
    After a grueling 9 hour bus ride across the birth place of beautiful scenery, otherwise known as the state of Kansas, these young gentlemen whom call Minnesota their home, were able to rock the pants off of a half-full Fox Theater. The crowd's diversity was comparable to that of what you would expect at a Hitler Youth rally. I believe that aside from my date, there were only two other non-employees that check anything other than "Caucasian" on the optional "demographic" section of a job application. Nonetheless, Tapes 'n Tapes clearly gave it 110% and put on one hell of a show. Certainly worth the costs which were not padded with the usual TicketMaster plethora of surcharges. I would highly encourage anyone that feels the need to be rocked into sweet-sweet oblivion to attend when Tapes 'n Tapes visits your city.
  • Pete Yorn - Very enjoyable performance!

    Fev 18 2011, 6h56

    Great show! He played a good mix of old and new. There was only one song I didn't hear that I would have enjoyed. He's truly a performer!