iTunes, Tell Me My Future!


Mar 11 2006, 19h43

iTunes, how does the world see me?
song: From East To West
comments: Well, I guess that's good. I like traveling... a lot...

iTunes, will I have a happy life?
song: Ceredwyn - Lady of the Flowers
comments: I will marry... a lady who likes flowers. Thanks.

iTunes, what do my friends think of me?
song: What's Going On
comments: Oh. That explains a lot, actually.

iTunes, do people secretly lust after me?
song: Why Don't You Get a Job
comments: shit. Okay, okay.

iTunes, how can I make myself happy?
song: Dead Cities
comments: "I had killed a man... a man who looked like me." I'll... uh... keep that in mind.

iTunes, what should I do with my life?
song: A Lifetime Remains
comments: Hmm... optimistic, anyway.

iTunes, why is there so much suffering in the world?
song: Piano Lessons
comments: That makes far more sense than it should.

iTunes, how can I maximize my pleasure during sex?
song: Facing East
comments: I'll... have to try that. Thanks.

iTunes, will I ever have children?
song: Heysatan
comments: If I'm to read that as English, I'm terrified.

iTunes, will I die happy?
song: Sober
comments: Well, I guess that's a good thing.

iTunes, what's some good advice for me?
song: Fade Away
comments: I don't like that advice.

iTunes, what is happiness?
song: My Secret Bliss
comments: Well then.

iTunes, what is my favorite fetish?
song: Stinkfist
comments: I can assure you that you're wrong... oh dear God.

iTunes, how will I be remembered?
song: Unfinished Business
comments: Dammit.


  • Asmogriff

    how did you do this?

    Abr 5 2006, 15h43
  • dmaterialized

    How do you mean? You ask a question, then push play (with iTunes on Shuffle)..

    Abr 6 2006, 0h45
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