A Fabulous Evening With Basia!


Nov 9 2010, 5h30

Sat 6 Nov – BASIA 2010 TOUR
I arrived to a crowded house! It was standing room only when I arrived! Basia and the band were fabulous! They covered a large amount of their songs including one song from the band Basia was in before her solo album. They also did three new songs. I hope all three appear one their next album release! Basia's vocals were excellent! I smiled nearly the entire time! It was hard not to because I enjoyed myself. Basia herself made mention of the several times during the that we, the audience were enjoying ourselves. The reception was tremendously warm and welcoming! I had a memorable time! I would go to see Basia live again! Rating: 10's across the board!



  • DJSMusicfactory

    Well, I don't usually listen to this singer. But, I know she has a great voice and talent. I'll check her songs. :-)

    Mai 19 2011, 3h29
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