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Dez 17 2007, 11h33


As 2007 is drawing to an end the “best of 2007-lists” are starting overflowing This year, I have chosen to join the hype. However, instead of naming the year’s best albums I have made a list of the best songs.

2007 has been a year of amazing discoveries for me. In 2006 I discovered a crazy little thing called and this year I have further refined and extended my taste within this amazing genre. It has been a great post-rock year with a lot of good releases by both the bigger names and the more underground bands.

This year I have also discovered the genre. While 2007 has been my year of probing the post-rock spectrum, 2008 will probably see a lot of new sludge albums into my music collection. And although my favourite sludge bands Isis, Cult of Luna and Mouth of the Architect didn’t release anything this year, this was compensated by a lot of other, smaller bands. The new Minsk release alone made 2007 a great year for sludge, everything else has been a nice extra.

And as always, I have sticked to the progressive rock/metal genre. It’s still my favourite music and this year has seen a lot of great releases thereof. New albums by Porcupine Tree, Neal Morse and Symphony X were truly masterpieces.

So now I will present you my list. It will probably still be under construction for the following days. Any comments (or recommendations) are welcome!

The 50 best songs of 2007

1. Porcupine Tree - Anesthetize
2. Minsk - Ceremony Ek Stasis
3. pg.lost - Yes I Am
4. Jesu - Weightless and Horizontal
5. Neal Morse - The Door
6. Logh - Saturday Nightmares
7. Symphony X - Paradise Lost
8. Eluvium - Prelude for Time Feelers
9. Threshold - Slipstream
10. Within Temptation - All I Need

11. Porcupine Tree - Normal
12. Immánu El - Under Your Wings I'll Hide
13. Eluvium - Radio Ballet
14. Blackfield - Christenings
15. Omega Massif - Unter Null
16. Explosions in the Sky - The Birth and Death of the Day
17. Tunturia - Cast Shadows on Clouds
18. Oceansize - The Frame
19. Jesu - Old Year
20. The American Dollar - Signaling Through The Flames

21. Eluvium - Reciting the Airships
22. 65daysofstatic - The Conspiracy of Seeds
23. Caspian - Moksha
24. Radiohead - Nude
25. The Fray - How to Save a Life
26. Anekdoten - A Sky About To Rain
27. World's End Girlfriend - 100 Years Of Choke
28. Air - Once Upon a Time
29. God Is An Astronaut - Tempus Horizon
30. Dream Theater - The Ministry Of Lost Souls

31. Knight Area - Exit L.U.M.C.
32. Marillion - Somewhere Else
33. Sieges Even - Eyes Wide Open
34. Sonata Arctica - Paid in Full
35. Sigur Rós - I Gaer
36. Marillion - Thank You, Whoever You Are
37. The Pirate Ship Quintet - Pirate Ship
38. Air - Photograph
39. Boris With Merzbow - Feedbacker
40. *shels - The Conference of the Birds

41. Sunn O))) - Belürol Pusztít
42. Beware of Safety - To the Roof! Let's Jump and Fall
43. Pelican - City of Echoes
44. Devin Townsend - Solar Winds
45. Maserati - Show me the Season
46. Joy Wants Eternity - You Are The Vertical, You Are The Horizon
47. French Teen Idol - Rebirth
48. Latitudes - A Falling Mute
49. Blackwaves - 0114 AA
50. Do Make Say Think - The Universe!


  • Joeteren

    Somehow you seem to have missed one of the contenders for album of the year: Night. It's completely streamable here on, give it a try. (Try to listen the entire album at once, in the dark.)

    Dez 17 2007, 20h23
  • disastercasper

    I'll try to give it a listen ASAP. Recommendations are always welcome :-) I have heard of the album, but never actually gave it a try. At the moment I am listening to the first track of another album which is supposed to be very good: Doomsday Afternoon. The first track is a charm, if the rest of the album is just as great this journal was posted prematurely ;-) By the way, is listening to music in the dark your thing? I believe to have you heard talking about it before in one of your journals, am I correct?

    Dez 17 2007, 20h29
  • Joeteren

    I don't remember what I've written in my journals. Listening in the dark is not my thing per se, but I usually listen to my ipod before I go to sleep. And some albums just lend themselves for absence of vision. Night is such an album :-) I'll try and gather a list of 2007 recommendations for you when I have some more time. Doomsday Afternoon would have been on that list, but I won't mention it now ;-)

    Dez 17 2007, 21h29
  • disastercasper

    Okay, then I must have remembered wrong ;-) Anyway, thanks in advance for the list, I really appreciate it!

    Dez 17 2007, 21h44
  • disastercasper

    Yes I am ;-) Nice to hear that you're liking it.

    Dez 18 2007, 7h19
  • garydavidson83

    good to see you have *shels in there for me they have been the band of the year. Both the album and the ep show a level of writing that is just beyond a lot of bands capabilities.

    Dez 19 2007, 18h57
  • disastercasper

    I have yet to check out the EP, but this band really surprised me indeed. After being blown away by the Omega Massif debut album, I was looking for some more instrumental sludge. Coincidentally I came across *shels. I wouldn't exactly call it sludge, moreso post-rock with sludge elements, but whatever it is, it's great! Really looking forward to hearing more of these guys.

    Dez 19 2007, 19h02
  • garydavidson83

    did you ever hear of Mahumodo? they were the band the guy who writes all the *shels stuff used to be in you might like some of their songs.

    Dez 19 2007, 23h40
  • disastercasper

    Thanks for the recommendation! I'll check it out tomorrow and let you know what I think :-)

    Dez 19 2007, 23h42
  • xthroughmyeyesx

    Good call on a lot of these tracks. :]

    Dez 21 2007, 15h57
  • disastercasper

    Thanks :-)

    Dez 21 2007, 20h31
  • primoose

    I like the choice of Anesthetize for number one, but I disagree with a lot of the other choices. No way I would put any songs off Conqueror on here, Jesu has put out their best material on Lifeline, Pale Sketches, Sun Down/Sun Rise, and their split with Eluvium, which all came out this year. The pg.lost album was kind of boring, and I would say the same for the new Caspian...although putting Logh, Tunturia, and Joy Wants Eternity on here were definitely good choices.

    Dez 22 2007, 20h39
  • disastercasper

    Thanks for the comment. I have heard all of the Jesu releases you just mentioned, save Pale Sketches, but to me Conqueror is one of the best albums of the year, definitely top 10 material. Over the last year I have seen a lot of people rip on it in reviews and even more in the Jesu shoutbox, but I just love it. I even dare to go as far as to call it their best release after the s/t. I guess it's just a taste thing. I wasn't really impressed by the pg.lost EP in its entirety either, but the song Yes I Am has got to be one of the greatest pieces of post-rock I have ever heard. The intro, the building, the climax, everything just makes sense. The new Caspian wasn't as good as its precedessor, but still nice and Moksha is one hell of an opening track.

    Dez 23 2007, 9h46
  • Seasonreaper

    Good list, although personally I prefer The Orphans of Piety over Ceremony =). Tis one amazing album though! I'd also recommend you check out Transmission0, considering the other artists you like. That's if you haven't already of course...

    Jan 4 2008, 1h43
  • disastercasper

    Coincidentally I listened to the Minsk album again yesterday. I still think that Ceremony Ek Stasis is a magical song that will be very hard to top, but I also think that I should indeed have included The Orphans of Piety on the list as well. I'll check out Transmission0 and I will let you know what I think. Incorporating heavy music with a soundscape influenced edge sounds promising ;-)

    Jan 4 2008, 7h34
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