Set 27 2009, 23h05

Goldfrapp Utopia (2000)

from the album Felt Mountain

It goes: "I'm wired to the world..."

Contrary to the people who met Goldfrapp with Felt Mountain, my shock with Black Cherry was the other way around. I first listened to the striking sensuality of tracks like Train, Strict Machine and Tiptoe; and completely put aside the mellower tunes.

So when I decided to get into their other records, I was blown away by the obscure beauty of Lovely Head, Human or Deer Stop. And Utopia.

Their versatility amazed me, and it was only after listening to Utopia I fell completely in love with Goldfrapp.

If you like this, listen to: Lovely Head, Deer Stop, Horse Tears, Pilots, Black Cherry, Hairy Trees, Eat Yourself, Clowns


  • vash64

    not only that... just the whole eugenics references that adorn the song here and there... "my dog needs new ears, make his eyes see forever, make him live like me, again and again"... the whole emotional detachment through the lyrics while the music effortlessly takes you to that remote and beautiful felt mountain... my story with goldfrapp started when i first saw them in Moby's House of Music (a short-lived show on MTV)... there i discovered the magic of "pilots", only to, shortly after that, be blown away by utopia and the whole felt mountain. from there, my faves are: lovely head, utopia (one of my fave songs ever), oompa radar and, well, the whole album is just wonderful. then black cherry happened. i was overly excited, i discovered how versatile they were and that was just enough to turn me on in an amazing way: the first time i heard "crystalline green" was just orgasmic... and i got into what the black cherry album was about: sensuality and sexuality. "hairy trees" is my soundtrack for satisfaction whereas "strict machine" calls for immediate and targeted actions. "crystalline green" is seduction at its purest and "twist" is just wild. what happened next? "supernature" which was somehow a disappointment: they repeated the successful formula of electro-clashish tracks from black cherry and extrapolated them to a complete full length album... oh well, i still liked it but left me craving for more... and then seventh tree was released and, while it didn't blow my mind, it gave me hope for a "new old goldfrapp", the goldfrapp that likes to experiment... and now, i'm innocently hoping for a release that will show us something alison-tastically new <3

    Set 28 2009, 6h16
  • disairyuzerneim

    it's always a pleasure to read what a real fan has to say <3 and yes, I'm waiting for something exquisite from Allison. Hopefully next year!

    Set 29 2009, 15h34
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