• New Release -LOTUS-

    Jan 26 2011, 22h49

    Okay, normally, I wouldn't be writing stuff like this, but I just need to say it. Lotus came out today, and it sounds awsome. It's truly beautiful. I was up all night last night on youtube, waiting for the video to be allowed and posted for instant access. The video is really great and epic, as well as the song. The only thing I don't like from the single, is the new Obscure. Why change something that already sounds perfect. I know that they are an experimental band and all, but, honestly, I don't think you should be changing and experimenting on songs from the albums of Kisou and Vulgar. They already sound pure enough. And if you listen to both songs at the same time, you would realize, which one sounds better, more epic, more interesting, etc. To me, I thought this was a great gift from the metal gods, or at least one of their great gifts.
    It is amazing. I had the release date saved onto my iPod and used the release date as the wallpaper, so I won't ever forget. I even saved it as my important events on my phone. I was so excited. Because this song is so awsome, soon, I will be making my own LOTUS poem, in tribute and honor to this outragous song. The same way I did for Zan, and Kodou. So, plz, listen to Lotus, and listen to some more of their music. I am a hardcore Diru fan. I love the peaceful parts and ending in the song. The riffs were also really great, so even though it may sound peaceful, they wouldn't be telling themselves that they're getting soft. Shinya's drum kit also suprised me. I think that was a Retrospec Maple/White Marine Pearl, which, he has been using for Hageshisa, too. You people should know that there are 16 pieces to his drum set. He and the band work very hard to give us the tunes of and Angel, or Angel Of Metal Death!! lol XD
    Be thankful of them. So, I will be posting my own Lotus poem, inspired by the song and its' album artwork. XD Until then, L83RZ!!!

    Go on youtube, and type in Dir En Grey Lotus. XD
  • -Hakubaiko-

    Jan 19 2011, 2h24

    The sweet essence, of
    white plum blossoms,
    cleanses ones mind of all the animosity and
    hatred that fogs it up, causing blindness.
    I hear the wind talking to me, as if it needed conversation.
    I hear the oceans move at such a calm, and rapid, pace, as if running
    a race.
    I hear the quiet tune of a tree's melodic song of life.
    She stares at me from above, watching my every move.
    I look up, trying to stare back, trying to feel her pressence.
    She is gone, and won't come back.
    But, I'm still glad, because at least I still have that sweet,
    of white plum
    to remind me of
    For that scent, will and shall
    leave me.
  • bemyimmortal

    Jan 17 2011, 19h43

    Screaming in my soul, I see
    white flashes of light blinking in my head.
    I come to realize that those sparks, are the lost souls
    wandering around in the human world.
    I looked closely, hoping to find the expressions their faces bare for being in our world for so long.
    It was horrifying.
    They tell me to hold on, and never let go.
    I wondered mercilessly what they meant.
    Until one day, I met someone.
    Someone who so far has never left me.
    Someone who was always there for me.
    So, I wasn't allowed to leave them.
    She is my gift.
    She is my life.
    She is my core.
    She is....... my soul.
    She gave me life.
    A reason for living, again.
    I love her, and she I.
    She is my,
  • +Nightmare+

    Jan 17 2011, 7h46

    I dream the strangest of dreams,
    all mostly constructed by the the thought of one human,
    a girl,
    who impacted this ones life with great emotion,
    and malice.
    I wake up from these, "delusional" dreams,
    finding dry tears on this one face.
    I remind myself that it is only just a dream, a figment of my imagination.
    Yet, also realizing, that I must live with the pain and suffering that one has suffered for the past couple of months, for another day.
    The dreaming hasn't ended and won't end until one is happy.
    How will that be made possible?
    Not even I have the answer, to this ones happiness.
    If I don't,
    then who does?
  • Emptiness of a Nobody

    Jan 13 2011, 22h27

    I get myself ready for the new day, and
    walk my way to school.
    I say to myself "I can't wait to see her!"
    "I can't wait to talk to her!"
    For she is waiting for me, as I her.
    But when I sit in class, doing my normal thing,
    I look back, hoping to see her blank face,
    but, for some reason,
    she's gone.
    I say to myself, "Okay, when I close my eyes, she will appear."
    So, I do so, only to be proven wrong.
    I weep and sob, saying to myself, Today is gonna be a very dead day for me.
    Her voice fades away, her face melts in a flame, and her soul is lost.
    What have I left, for such a somber melancholy has taken over this ones soul.
    I cry to myself, but to only be reminded, that tomorrow is a new day,
    and she still has yet to come.
  • Heartache

    Dez 11 2010, 3h27

    Why did I ever do such a stupid stunt?
    One of which one should not pull at such a young age.
    My heart has been shattered, for the last time.
    I have been losing myself very slowly.
    My mind has been disappearing to god, and little by little,
    My sanity has been slipping away, making me go crazy.
    As I lose it, it costs me a great deal of pain as well.
    My mind filled with confusion,
    and anger.
    Ever since then, I haven't been able to sleep right for days.
    The pain feels as if someone had just took a dagger and ripped away your intestants.
    But in this case, the only thing that was ripped out,
    was my conscience,
    and my
  • Karasu

    Dez 11 2010, 3h19

    I come to realize that life is as colorful as a painting made by Picasso, or Van Gogh,
    but would only be considered as a painting.
    Life could never be that colorful.
    I look up at the skies, thinking about her, hoping that she would come back from the grave, into my arms, yet again.
    I see her image, staring at me, with eyes that symbolized a dead, pale-white, color of death,
    standing right next to a dead tree.
    Snow is covering the tree.
    A bus passes by, and she is gone.
    Except for a karasu, perched onto a branch. staring at me.
    It gives off a "CAW", and flies away.
    Leaving a black feather behind,
    for it is a symbol, saying that she is still there.
  • Aku+

    Dez 11 2010, 3h11

    Death is a common excuse to escape tragedy or trouble.
    Yet, it will be long, thoughtful, and painful.
    It's like a ghost screeching in your ears, as homicidal or suicidal thoughts go through your head.
    You become hollow and emotionless,
    full of hate, and
    Your mind washes away, your soul is cracked and broken,
    and your heart has been stolen,
    like a child roaming the streets, alone without a guardian.
  • Lost Purpose

    Dez 11 2010, 3h05

    What reason does one have for living?
    What reason have I?
    Has everything gone black on me?
    Why am I feeling lost?
    Is this a sign, telling me I should end my life? What good have I done for this lifetime?
    Can I start over in the afterlife?
    Why am I always angry?!
    WHY!!!!! GOD!!!! I'M SLIPPING!!!!
    SAVE ME!!!
    I CAN'T HOLD ON!!!!!!!
    And yet, I find myself falling for hours.
    I always feel anger, red hot anger.
    What purpose have I?
    What do I want?
    What is my desire?
    What do I love?
    Why am I alive?
  • -Tenchu-

    Dez 11 2010, 2h59

    I can't see you,
    Nor can I find you.
    Your breath has gone missing.
    Your touch, has become so empty,
    that my soul has been turning pale.
    Your presence, the divine power that helped bring life to this being, has faded away.
    I start dyng, for my clock has been ringing for some time, now. I realize that hte snow around me, has turned into rain, the tears of my beloved. As they start falling on my face, it turns into blood. It washes me away, washing my sins away, taking my soul to pay off the debt I was to pay years ago. Stealing from my mother, killing a man, picking up the responsibility as a swordsman, failing school, hating everything around me, listening to metal, turning black, being alive. To pay off the debt, I am to take a life, or give mine. The judgement of the heavens brought me here, to suffer a great deal of pain, even to those around me. As I grow closer to life and humanity, I also grow closer to letting MY humanity, MY sanity, slip away.