stuck in the 90s - alternative rock and grunge


Out 14 2008, 20h56


  • mhunke

    Some great songs here - esp. Would? and Shade

    Nov 19 2008, 2h25
  • memalena

    I listen to all those except Silverchair, Bush and Candlebox.

    Dez 22 2008, 0h11
  • jzep

    It's great to see somebody who likes the grunge era. it's such a great selection of tracks. I would add Interstate Love Song, Heaven Beside You and You from candlebox. I'm in love with those 3 tracks.

    Jan 5 2009, 20h30
  • imnotausername

    good list, but you really need soundgarden in there, especially superunknown, the whole album is amazing in my opinion. And even though they seem to divide people i'd also add smashing pumpkins - siamese dream to this list.

    Jan 28 2009, 13h59
  • xsilvershimmerx

    thx for the list, idrop in about the "better man"side and think you´re absolutely right about this "can´t get enough" of - feeling ;-)

    Mai 23 2009, 7h26
  • bishantrajgiri

    thanks for listen

    Ago 13 2009, 19h19
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