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St. VincentYear of the Tiger Ontem 23:59
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St. VincentDilettante Ontem 23:51
St. VincentChampagne Year Ontem 23:48
St. VincentNeutered Fruit Ontem 23:44
St. VincentStrange Mercy Ontem 23:39
St. VincentNorthern Lights Ontem 23:35
St. VincentSurgeon Ontem 23:31
St. VincentCheerleader Ontem 23:28
St. VincentCruel Ontem 23:24
St. VincentChloe in the Afternoon Ontem 23:21
St. VincentThe Sequel Ontem 22:44
St. VincentJust the Same But Brand New Ontem 22:39
St. VincentThe Party Ontem 22:35
St. VincentThe Bed Ontem 22:31
St. VincentMarrow Ontem 22:22
St. VincentLaughing With a Mouth of Blood Ontem 22:19
St. VincentBlack Rainbow Ontem 22:15
St. VincentActor Out of Work Ontem 22:09
St. VincentThe Neighbors Ontem 22:06
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  • BooshkiLaga

    i like aoty more because of the smaller community and i think the layout is better. i would rather get music recs from rym though.

    19 Nov 2h18 Responder
  • jessicaftw

    i kick juggalo nerd ass all the time.... so... watch out, pal.

    14 Nov 1h11 Responder
  • jessicaftw

    if you become a juggalo i will have no choice but to kick yr ass tbh....

    12 Nov 20h35 Responder
  • jessicaftw

    go juggalo or go home

    12 Nov 9h40 Responder
  • jessicaftw

    i'm going to break up with u

    12 Nov 8h35 Responder
  • jessicaftw

    I just saw the shout you left on my profile and i got five words for ya: I'M GONNA KICK YOUR ASS

    11 Nov 6h26 Responder
  • TheKman418

    i mean theres only campfire headphase left as far as their LPs go so probably that lol, its just as incredible as all their other LPs too although its pretty distinctly different still 9its like electro acoustic almost poppy ambient stuff). with the EPs and lesser known releases it really depends on what you liked out of the 3 you've heard, in a beautiful place out in the country is similar to some of the hazier songs on tomorrows harvest like nothing is real or jacquard causeway. trans canada has a lot of the same dense textures like geo but the melodies on it are a lot more ~~airy. hi scores and twoism are v similar to some of the beat heavy songs on mhtrtc like an eagle in your mind altho i think those two generally pull that whole style off better than mhtrtc, they generally sound more playful and childlike

    22 Out 4h36 Responder
  • kerrlove

    >Recommend me surfy garagy beach pop stuff https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpSL3WrSO3c

    20 Out 5h14 Responder
  • jessicaftw

    jk, ily a lot... :******

    15 Out 8h12 Responder
  • jessicaftw

    well considering we are SUPER on here then I *guess* ily too....

    15 Out 8h12 Responder
  • jessicaftw


    7 Out 0h21 Responder
  • jessicaftw

    :3 cutie!! :*

    26 Set 6h27 Responder
  • HornedKingK

    Hey, would you happen to know what song is playing in the background of this http://vimeo.com/83537202?

    9 Set 23h57 Responder
  • PaulPoulak

    I added your steam bro

    31 Ago 14h56 Responder
  • PedroBayer

    Yeah, no problem man, it's cool you're listening to The Residents as well, though I'm not sure which album you're listening to, The Commercial Album is one of my all-time favorites.

    8 Ago 3h30 Responder
  • ArtanisXp

    If you could bump it too that'd be grand.

    5 Ago 0h22 Responder
  • ArtanisXp

    I'm more of a folk metal guy though, and I'm currently dumping

    4 Ago 23h05 Responder
  • GumbyNGE


    2 Ago 15h54 Responder
  • Bradlez92

    yeh i kno you love em you putz. i'll give em a shot eventually. i sent you that mega.co.nz link right?

    25 Jul 5h39 Responder
  • Bradlez92

    i havent heard a note of their music

    24 Jul 5h25 Responder
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