• (: Amazing

    Jun 12 2008, 20h28

    -News! Well, tomorrow is my birthday but we aren't going to Galveston like I thought, since gas prices are too damn high. I am getting my tattoo tomorrow & the guy said he would do it for free since I'm "hot"? Hahaha, if only it were true & if only you could get everything with looks. Well, like I said I'll post a picture up! It's so crazy, I look back & I can tell how much I've matured. Really, life goes by fast. I don't want to grow up too fast though, I'm just going with it! It feels like I was just 8 the other day. Ahh, the days where I would wear plastic sunglasses that were too big for me & wear my hair up only at the top (: It was so funny my mom even told me "I swear you're already doing everything you can think of before you are even 18" & my only response is "Well hey, life is short live it to the fullest!" This summer has been amazing. My life has been really good.
  • My Birthday

    Jun 11 2008, 0h52

    It's almost my birthday, I'm so far excited. I'm getting that tattoo on my back, between my shoulder blades. When I get it, I'll take a picture and post it up on here. I got a lot of clothes today & I love them so much. Last night me and my boyfriend went to the movies to see Zohan & The Strangers. I loved The Strangers the most, seriously right when it started it was already scary, aha. I made me & trey some burgers lastnight when we got home since I'm like his personal cheff now, I told him I'm not going to be one of those house wifes though! I keep seeing pregnant people & ladys with babys everywhere, I'm scared. I even saw a girl having a baby, i almost threw up.
  • A baby

    Jun 4 2008, 0h21

    Ofcourse It's my boyfriend, Trey's baby (for people who keep asking..which IS really stupid) . It's so crazy everybody that I know are having babies, by the way I'm not doing this because everybody is. I didn't mean for it to happen. Nobody can see me as a mom, I can't realy see me as one either. I can't kill it or give it up for adoption. I'll probably hate myself the rest of my life. I want a babyshower so I can have tons of clothes for the baby. I don't know what it is yet. Going to the doctor soon. I've been eating like crazy. I'm starting to show now. Good thing I can use the excuse "It's because I'm pregnant" to eat all I want now. I'm giving up basically everything for this baby ): Am I crazy? I have no clue but this is my baby I'll do anything for it. Aha, trey is MAD AT ME!? Just because he says I will pay attention to the baby now, how sad is that? Other than the baby news I want a tattoo badly but I can't because I looked it up & it says it can cause HIV or some other causes to the baby.

    You watch when I have a kid they will say stuff like this go to the link! Ahah