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Jul 17 2008, 7h53

Wed 16 Jul – Leonard Cohen

Well I'll give it ago

Got into Edinburgh Station about 6.15, had a quick burger from the train station's burger king and processed with burger in hand to walk up that long and winding road.so after a short walk uphill I was directed to the queue that seemed to go for ever whilst in the Que a big issue seller was making the best of a big crowd although there wasn't many takers .
It wasn't to hard to find the castle from the station as I and the virgin pendolino passed it on the way in,
My seat was probably the worst seat I've ever had with the sun shinning in my face,however clouds appeared and the light drifted away.
Cohen kicked of with 'Dance Me To The End Of Love' the full set was

'Dance Me To The End Of Love'
‘The Future’
‘Ain't No Cure For Love’
‘Bird On The Wire ’
‘Everybody Knows’
‘In My Secret Life’
‘Who By Fire? ’
‘Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye’
‘Tower Of Song’
‘Boogie Street’
‘I'm Your Man’
‘A Thousand Kisses Deep’
‘Take This Waltz’
‘So Long, Marianne’
‘First We Take Manhattan’
‘Sisters Of Mercy’
‘If It Be Your Will'
'Closing Time'

Looking back there seems to be a lot songs from the "I'm Your Man" album,which was the album that first got me into the great man himself, it got me thinking the first album I had of Leonard Cohen was on vinyl and I had tape-recorded it on a cheap walkman headset for my travels in the early 90's looking back then I never would of thought I would see this guy live and now I seat here with a 80gig Ipod with ever Leonard Cohen album at the ready.
During the end of the show I got real close whilst avoiding the stewards and to see him close up sing "sisters of mercy" was more than I expected..
I'd advise anyone going to the remaining shows sell your soul if it means getting a ticket close up,as the last 15 minutes close up seeing the musicians and Cohen expressions was worth more the the whole ogf the start of the show.
The crowd was mainly 50+ and looking around at the faces you wouldn't expect them to be Leonard Cohen fans everyone seemed so happy.
I happened across this whilst looking for videos of the show

Left Edinburgh at 11.33pm got to Falkick 12.08pm caught the London sleeper to Crewe with 4 minutes to spare got back to home around 8.00am.
Whilst I was traveling home someone has already posted clips on Youtube


  • RoyClaxton

    No words can do this show justice. Magical is the best I can do. Wonderful setting at Edinburgh Castle. The modest, waif-like Mr Cohen dressed in black suit was welcomed to a standing ovation. That ovation seemed to last the whole night. The arrangements, while not exactly new, were somehow slower. But their barely discernable lack of pace allowed his grateful audience to savour the beauty of his lyrics for that little while longer and they loved it. His narrations, firstly of the Anthem, A Thousand Kisses Long and then, If it Be Your Will, were absolutely spell-binding. We felt he wanted to be there and that we were his guests. Sharing with him perhaps, a few brief, intimate moments in his sitting room before stepping back out into the reality of our lives. Nobody wanted to leave. Even when during the last 2 songs, the heavens opened, everyone stayed to say what may be there last goodbye to the poet who touched their lives one magical night in Edinburgh. This was the concert of a music lover's lifetime. Thank you Mr Cohen. We love you.

    Jul 17 2008, 11h06
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