Why Darien Brockington is THA TRUTH!


Nov 6 2006, 6h40

I also put this on my music blog http://www.so-fresh.org/blog
Darien Brockington is THA TRUTH!
Here are 14 reasons why you need to know who this man is:
1. Somebody to Love (Intro)
2. Think It Over: 10/10 How could you not like this track!
3. More and More:9/10 Phat track, real hyped.
4. Don't Say Goodbye:10/10 Can never get enough.
5. I Got What You Want:10/10 Love this!
6. Lover and Friend (Interlude)
7. Come on Over 8/10
8. I Miss You/'Seduction' Interlude: 8.5/10 Good solid track but I think i heard this beat on Usher's last album.
9. Crazy 9/10
10. I Need You 9/10
11. He Will Break Your Heart 10/10 LOVE THIS!
12. Can We Fall in Love Again 8.5/10
13. Thank You 9/10
14. All We Ever Need 9/10 wraps up the album and leaves you wanting more.More...

It's the tracklisting from his album "Somebody To Love" Executive produced by Little Brother’s Phonte.

The first track I heard was "don't Say Goodbye" (DSG) produced by Khrysis & Shelden Williams. I got this album by a fluke of curiousity and was completely blown away. It quickly got ipod love and this track takes me back. Back to being age 6 on a Saturday mornin when moms is off somewhere cleaning so she sat me down in the front room (if you from the South then you got a front room with platic on the couches and fake fruit on the coffee tables lol) with the big wooden all-in-one console that had the tv (Soul Train was on), record player (Rick James had to share time with my grandmother's Bossa Nova records), stereo and big ass speakers. It spanned the whole length of the wall and I would just sit in front of it and absorb was happening. I was too young to get the lyrics of the likes of Rick James or Marvin Gaye would talk about but the beats suuure were good lol DSG got my feet taping first. I don't know if its the flute-like sound or other tellings of real instrumentations but it has a nice groove to it and that feeling is evident through the whole album. I can't describe it no more than a feeling that the music has a soul to it. Not just syncopated drum machine and a few screams of YEAAAH or OOOH GIRL LET ME DO YA!

Funny story. I put this album on my friend's ipod and she called me a week later yesterday and boldly stated: Darien Brockington is singing at my wedding!
She is basically planning her wedding in her brain and along with Dweleare going to sing her down the aisle to her imaginary future husband. If only everyone was enthused about this cat as her! DONT SLEEP ON THIS ALBUM!
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