The Go! Team


Abr 11 2011, 5h04

Sun 10 Apr – The Go! Team, Dom, Chang-a-lang

Good stuff, good stuff
The venue, Opera house, is easy to find and clean enough, but if you want to leave your coat in lobby, prepare to pay 3 bucks, and yeah, they won't take your bag or purse
Though I got there late, I caught Chang-a-lang performing, and those guys pretty much rocked, but Dom, well, the guy on vocals had his hair all over his face and well, I dont really like scary hairy scarecrows jumping and singing, but that was one cool punk band
The Go! Team have asses big enough to let their fans wait ONE hour before they start. I like watching staff cleaning the stage and reconnecting all the cords and crap, but that's ridiculous - ONE fucking hour on my feet. But when they finally started it was awesome as hell! But I was to tired, though
Next time they better take care of their fans
But that was soooo coooooool, their live performance is way sicker than listening to mp3's


  • sistahrae

    great photos! coincidentally, I think I recognize those photos so I may have even been behind you. the go! team were definitely worth the wait- especially for that different version of Huddle Formation.

    Abr 13 2011, 4h39
  • deepest_sleep

    yeah, definitely the thing is I didnt check the schedule so I didnt know about that one-hour break before the Go! Team unfortunately my pictures are not here yet, my flickr account is 3 days old, but here is the link though

    Abr 13 2011, 19h01
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