Pushing psychedelic rock into new boundaries


Mar 13 2007, 21h45

Pó-de-mico & Bola, the Brazilian psychedelic rock band formed in 2004 started doing simple songs, but they evolved very much.

First in recording techniques, that were totally amateurish in the beginning. They still do their music totally independent, but the mix is better, with better sounds.

Second in music itself. They explore many different sounds and vary their songs, incorporating different musical influences.
It is difficult to make psychedelic rock nowadays without falling into formulas. Many bands try to follow the formulas of the late 60's psychedelic bands. Pó-de-mico & Bola not. They do psychedelic rock with creativity, producing superb combination of sounds. They are at the same time connected to the experimentalism of the psychedelic genre, but always pushing boundaries, as you can see in their absurd synthesizer sounds. Sometimes the sound is odd, but psychedelic rock is all about this. They venture sometimes into the realms of progressive rock , progressive electronic and avant-garde, genres that are direct linked with psychedelic rock.

So if you really want to listen to modern psychedelic rock and be surprised, check these guys. They are ahead of their time.


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