Katie Armiger : Confessions Of A Nice Girl


Out 12 2010, 11h06

Katie Armiger : Confessions Of A Nice Girl


Best Song Ever 5/5
A rocking opening, good one to blast in the car.

Kiss Me Now 5/5
Loved this since it came out, and I can relate big time. It's frustrating to be in love with someone who just can't see it.

That's Why 5/5
I relate.

Nice Girl 5/5
I know it's a cliché with me but the fiddle on this song really is to die for

Cry Cry Cry 5/5
The first song Katie wrote entirely on her own and it's fantastic.

Ain't Gonna Happen 5/5
Again, I relate. A really fun song.

I Will Be 5/5
A good track, topped off with some excellent steel guitar and banjo. I can see this being one of my favourites.

Scream 5/5
Solid production & a great vocal.

Ain't So Sweet 5/5
A bit rocky, Miranda Lambert fans could be converted through this.

Can You Handle It 5/5
Another rocky track, co-written by Katrina Elam & Jessie James, and it shows. Would be a great one to hear live.

Leaving Home 5/5
Some say there's too many of these 'going to college' songs but I think this is an example of why they're so good. The emotion of it all really hits home, which is what Country is all about.

Can't Keep Myself From Loving You 5/5
I loved this song at the CD release party and it's great to have it on disc.

Strong Enough 5/5
A proper weepy.

Favourites from 1st listen : Best Song Ever, Nice Girl, Ain't Gonna Happen, Can't Keep Myself From Loving You, Strong Enough.

The best Country album this year. First class songwriting, excellent vocals and the instrumentation will please anyone who likes Country.

Overall : 5/5


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