12 Songs Which Say A Lot About You


Mar 17 2010, 21h07

you're putting together a CD to give to someone who knows NOTHING about you.
So - you choose 12 tracks, from the Country Music you've loved down the years, in order to convey what YOU'RE ALL ABOUT - as a Person, and where you're coming from.
Different phases of your Life, different times, circumstances, places, people, moods and emotions etc...

My list :

1) When I Said I Would - Whitney Duncan
"makes me wonder how long you would have let me be your fool"
I've had to live through this, unfortunately.

2) That's The Way I Remember It - Garth Brooks/Chris Gaines
I'm forever looking back on the past

3) The House That Built Me - Miranda Lambert
Never have been truly happy in our current house

4) Twang - George Strait
5) State Of Mind - Clint Black
6) Sounds So Good - Ashton Shepherd
Represents why I love Country so much

7) So Small - Carrie Underwood
Don't Let The Bastards Get You Down - Kris Kristofferson
Those 3 songs always remind me no matter how much crap I get thrown at me, things will get better in time and it's worth going through it all for what i'll get in the end.

9) Away - Whitney Duncan
Had people in my life that I loved dearly but that just weren't any good for me, but I just couldn't let go of them.

10) The Climb - Miley Cyrus
11) Standing Outside The Fire
I always strive to do the best I can in everything I do.

12) Dance The Night Away - The Mavericks
First Country song I ever loved.


  • loyalbushie

    Only 12 Songs... that`s really hard, there is so much in Country music expressing things that are so meaningful for me. But if I have to name 12 songs spontanously, ok that`s it: George Strait - I saw God today (reminds me of the day my son was born) Zac Brown Band - Highway 20 Ride (reminds me of my son) Josh Turner & Trisha Yearwood - Another try (a song that touches you deeply when you have ever been divorced) Billy Dean - If there hadn`t been you (for Jesus, for my son, for the woman I found 3 years after the seperation) Kenny Chesney - Who you`d be today Rascal Flatts - Why (the latter two remind me of my High School Friend who died a few days before my son was born) Brooks & Dunn - Red Dirt Road (a wonderful song about finding Jesus and always keeping in heart where you came from) Billy Ray Cyrus - Somebody said a Prayer (about how Jesus and his Grace can restore a life) Restless Heart - The bluest eyes in Texas (reminds me of High School Days - particularly spring 1989 when I bought their album as my first country music record) Kenny Chesney - Anything but mine (just a wonderful song, reminds me of the draft I wrote about three young people living in the town I grew up) Jason Aldean - Laugh until we cried (reminds me of how I wished my family were) Trent Tomlinson - That`s how it still oughta be (reminds me of my Grandma who died in 2007 and what she taught me as a young boy)

    Mar 28 2010, 19h27
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