• An awesome man let down by the sound engineer!

    Jul 1 2011, 19h37

    I've seen B.B. King the last two times he was at Wembley and it was amazing.

    Tickets at the R A H were twice the price of Wembley tickets, but I feel I got less than quarter of the experience I had at Wembley.

    It was great to see B.B. King again and this maybe the last time I get to see him live and felt disappointed my last memory of this man was let down by the venue he played at.

    I can forgive the King of Blues for forgetting his set-let and forgetting names of his backing musicians he's 85 years old, but to be let down by those around him is very disappointing to see.

    Please hang the sound engineer, half the time I couldn't hear B.B. King or any of his guests sing. This was by far the biggest disappointment for me and my partner all night.