Seasonal Cure


Out 23 2011, 3h29

Seasonal Cure

The Cure

January: The Cure - Faith

"I kneel and wait in silence
As one by one the people slip away
Into the night"
from The Holy Hour

February: The Cure - Three Imaginary Boys

"The sun rises slowly
On another day
The eastern sky grows cold"
from Another Day

March: The Cure - The Cure

"Say it's the same sun spinning in the same sky
Say it's the same stars streaming in the same night"
from Labyrinth
& The Cure - Seventeen Seconds

"I change the time in your house
The hours I take
Go so slow..."
from In Your House

April: The Cure - The Top

"Dressing up to kiss
Dressing up to touch all this
I'm dressing up to dance all week"
from Dressing Up

May: The Cure - Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me

"Well I'm out in a car
And it's just full of stupid girls
And I've forgotten how to speak
And I just can't remember a word"
from Snakepit

June: The Cure - 4:13 Dream

"And the waves break
And the waves break…"
from Underneath the Stars

July: The Cure - Wild Mood Swings

"You have to get up get out and get gone!
Yeah get up get out and have some fun"
from Gone!

August: The Cure - Wish

"Remember how it used to be
When the sun would fill the sky
Remember how we used to feel
Those days would never end
" from To Wish Impossible Things

September: The Cure - Bloodflowers

"But the last day of summer
Never felt so cold
The last day of summer
Never felt so old"
from The Last Day of Summer

October: The Cure - Pornography

"Stroking your hair as the patriots are shot
Fighting for freedom on the television
Sharing the world with slaughtered pigs"
from One Hundred Years

November: The Cure - The Head on the Door

"I am slowing down
As the years go by
I am sinking"
from Sinking

December: The Cure - Disintegration
"But Christmas falls late now
Flatter and colder
And never as bright as when we used to fall"
from Last Dance

by datCometchen


  • aneasthesia

    Haha ja, und der August stimmt sogar überein ;)

    Abr 13 2013, 12h31
  • datCometchen

    Hehe, der einzig wirklich signifikante Unterschied ist Three Imaginary Boys. Wie um alles ist das denn der Juli??? :D

    Abr 13 2013, 19h16
  • aneasthesia

    Der Juli ist bei mir Boys Don't Cry, TIB hab ich gar nicht drin ;) Vielleicht hab ich mich aber auch zu sehr vom Albumcover inspirieren lassen ;D

    Jun 28 2013, 3h01
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