• Oceansize/Martin Grech

    Set 28 2005, 13h12

    Went to see Oceansize on Monday, supported by Martin Grech. It was a killer gig. Oceansize are amazngly tight, I don't know how they manage to put on such a well executed wall of sound every time I hear them. The new album stuff sounded good, and despite the loss of a guitarist Martin Grech and his band sounded really excellent, he has an incredible voice.

    What made it even better was that we met the roadies beforehand and showed them a good place to get food before the gig, so we got in free on the guestlist, and spent a load of time chatting to the bands afterwards. A good gig. Next on the list.... Fourtet/Explosions In The Sky, and possibly Sleater Kinney.
  • gigging

    Set 21 2005, 2h20

    OceansizeMartha WainwrightMartin Grech

    So I bought the new Oceansize album, which kicks ass. Bit gutted Paper Champion didn't make it on their from the Music for Nurses EP though. They're playing with Martin Grech next week in the Bristol fleece, which should be a good gig. I also got tickets for Martha Wainwright in the Academy, which I'm taking my sis to for her birthday, and a cool sounding Fourtet/Explosions In the Sky double header in a church called Trinity. How eclectic.