Another stupid game!


Out 9 2008, 20h18

As said in the title.


Take your top 15 artist, and list:

- their first song you ever heard from them

- the song that made you love that artist

- your current favourite song

and, my special bonus:

- your all-time favourite song


1. Nine Inch Nails
First song: Only
Fell in love with: Hurt
Current favourite: Metal
All-time favourite: Eraser

2. Metallica
First song: The Unforgiven
Fell in love with: Master of Puppets
Current favourite: All Nightmare Long
All-time favourite: One

3. Slayer
First song: Evil Has No Boundaries
Fell in love with: Raining Blood
Current favourite: Die By The Sword
All-time favourite: Seasons In The Abyss

4. Iron Maiden

First song: Invaders
Fell in love with: The Number of the Beast
Current favourite: Remember Tomorrow
All-time favourite: Hallowed Be Thy Name

5. Rammstein

First song: Du hast
Fell in love with: Mein hertz brennt
Current favourite: Los
All-time favourite: Sonne

6. Erredupizer
First song: Przybieżeli do Betlejem
Fell in love with: Russian Punk
Current favourite: Hymn Absurdalowca
All-time favourite: Tejrezjasz Wypierdalator

7. Fear Factory
First song: Demanufacture
Fell in love with: Martyr
Current favourite: Crash Test
All-time favourite: Suffer Age

8. Nobuo Uematsu

First song: To Zanarkand
Fell in love with: Seymour Battle
Current favourite: You're Not Alone!
All-time favourite: One-Winged Angel

9. Sabaton
First song: Attero Dominatus
Fell in love with: Attero Dominatus
Current favourite: 40:1
All-time favourite: Attero Dominatus

10. Machinae Supremacy
First song: Attack Music
Fell in love with: Attack Music
Current favourite: Death from Above
All-time favourite: Attack Music

11. Queens of the Stone Age

First song: No One Knows
Fell in love with: You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar But I Feel Like a Millionaire
Current favourite: I'm Designer
All-time favourite: A Song for the Dead

12. Children of Bodom
First song: Are You Dead Yet?
Fell in love with: Needled 24/7
Current favourite: Angels Don't Kill
All-time favourite: If You Want Peace... Prepare For War

13. Boris
First song: Pink
Fell in love with: Pink
Current favourite: Kane (The Bell Tower Of A Sign)
All-time favourite: Just Abandoned My-Self

14. Yoko Shimomura
First song: Dearly Beloved
Fell in love with: Forze del male
Current favourite: Dive Into The Heart ~Destati~
All-time favourite: Forze del male

15. Isis
First song: The Beginning and the End
Fell in love with: In Fiction
Current favourite: The Beginning and the End (Venetian Snares remix)
All-time favourite: Red Sea


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