Gravitonas - Youth is Wasted on The Young - The Album

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Faixa Duração
1 GravitonasCall Your Name Loved track
2 GravitonasReligious Loved track 4:06
3 GravitonasYou Break Me Up Loved track 3:53
4 GravitonasKites Loved track 3:57
5 Gravitonas & Roma KengaEverybody Dance 3:23
6 GravitonasYouth Is Wasted On The Young Loved track 3:12
7 GravitonasSomeday Someone Loved track 3:14
8 GravitonasLucky Star - Radio Edit 3:46
9 GravitonasRealm Of The Senses Loved track 3:27
10 GravitonasLive and Let Go Loved track 3:49
11 GravitonasDry Your Eyes 3:27
12 GravitonasThe Pain We Love to Hide 3:43
13 GravitonasLive Wire Loved track 3:06
14 GravitonasSacrifice Loved track 3:54
15 GravitonasNot Gonna Be Dancing 3:50
16 GravitonasShameless 3:26
17 GravitonasSolitaire Loved track 3:50

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  • mark_roscoe

    You have far too much time on your hands! ;-)

    março 2012
  • dannyboy77

    Gravitonas are a Swedish Electro-synth pop duo. They have released quite a few EPs over the last 2 years (on iTunes store worldwide!). They have no plans to release a debut album as they want to concentrate on EPs, however if they did decide to release an album I would call it 'Youth Is Wasted On The Young' and I would put the tracks in the same order as my playlist above.

    março 2012
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