Out 22 2007, 0h56

So, this whole Scrobble thing isn't really working for me... I've tried twice to upload my previously played music lists, but it doesn't work. And just now it is saying that I played all of things tracks, but I can't even say when I've ever listened to Beck. I know I have him on my iTunes, but I don't list to him O_o Maybe like once a year ago. I don't really get it...I'm hoping this means that it's starting to get previously played tracks, but if it's going to take this long just to get those few up, I don't know if it's even worth it :P


  • carmenism

    That sucks. You just have to start from scratch then. That's what Mandy, Keith, and I have done. It's not so bad, it's just annoying at first.

    Out 26 2007, 21h10
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