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  • littlechuckiec

    Top listener of Fireflies. Great song! I like your library - have to give it a listen. Take care!

    22 Nov 14h39 Responder
  • lecube

    I dunno, I've got a real soft spot for 90s art. There's something really charming about giant guns and excessive pouches. Plus, I grew up on the 90s X-Men cartoon and it's just like that. Winter Soldier was fucking awesome. I never cared about Cap before the movies but, damn, his movies are some gooood shit. Haven't watched Arrow but my brother's obsessed with it and he's been telling me to watch it. I'll get around to it soon.

    4 Jun 12h43 Responder
  • lecube

    Yeah, Slott definitely isn't for everybody. His style is really cartoony, I guess. For lack of a better word. I've read hardly any of Marvel's cosmic stuff. Probably should get around to checking some out. I dug the recent crossover between Guardians and All New X-Men. Plus I'm always stoked when the Shi'arr show up. Definitely give Battle of the Atom a miss. Are you talking 90s Age of Apocalypse or the series they did a couple of years ago? The 90s one is cool but there's A LOT of it to get through. I haven't read the recent one. Haven't got around to checking out Forever Evil yet. Worth it? Haven't watched Agents of SHIELD, been loving the Marvel films but I've heard too much mixed stuff about the show. I'll give it a crack when the season's over.

    25 Mai 5h43 Responder
  • lecube

    I liked Superior Spider-Man. It was a concept with just the right amount of stupidity to be hilarious. I've never been interested in Silver Surfer though. The anniversary event was "Battle of the Atom" and it was completely forgettable. I like the way DC do their events better, how they usually have them self-contained in a series and everything else just kind of goes about its business. AvX derailed EVERY book at Marvel for about 6 months. It was bullshit.

    13 Mai 11h38 Responder
  • lecube

    Honestly, the way they handled the retcon was bad but every comic that came out afterwards is pretty good. Those 'Brand New Day' Spidey stories are actually some of the best stuff done with him in a long time. Yeah, they picked a really bad time to relaunch the X-Men titles with the 50th anniversary looming. Their big anniversary event was absolute balls anyway though...

    3 Mai 5h49 Responder
  • lecube

    Yeah but I reckon its interesting to see what happens to a hero who's as social as Dick when you take away his contact to his entire family. I doubt it'll last 20 issues before he's back to Nightwing anyway haha. Good point about him getting recognised. Marvel is fuckin' NOTORIOUS for that shit. When series like "Wolverine & The X-Men" pick up exactly where the last creative team left off, there's no point whatsoever in changing the numbering. It annoys me a lot about Daredevil too because it IS the same creative team. It breaks up the run and so you end up with two Volume 1s in the collected editions. Seems really offputting to people trying to get into comics.

    21 Abr 3h18 Responder
  • lecube

    I've been reading Talon. It's pretty solid, I like it. I was getting Batman & but dropped it for some reason I can't remember. Honestly, that Grayson comic doesn't sound too bad to me. Cool to see them doing something new. It annoys me how every character needs to get relaunched every 30 issues though (lookin' at you, Daredevil).

    16 Abr 14h23 Responder
  • lecube

    Well, that definitely looks ominous. I'm trying to work out who the blonde guy next to Tim down there is but I dunno. I honestly wouldn't mind Damien coming back. They've been setting up Carrie Kelly in Batman &... though so that writer probably won't be too happy about it. Yeah, I remember them planning to kill him off in Infinite Crisis but they didn't because the fans were outraged. Alright, I'll probably wait to update then. I haven't even had a PS2 for all that long honestly haha The other dudes in my band are both massive gamers and I always have no idea what they're on about. Like, one of them is studying game programming at Uni.

    14 Abr 2h00 Responder
  • lecube

    Haha yeah, look, that's what I was worried about too when I started. I just kind of slip into "teacher mode" though and don't act at all like I do out side school. Being respectable is weird haha. Yeah, honestly, I've been loving Nightwing too. Higgins did an amazing job writing but he quit the title because he was all shitty about them forcing big character changes about him in Forever Evil or whatever (revealing his identity or something like that? Dunno, fuck event comics). The solicitations for #30 look ominous though. Be pretty shitty if they off him. I found my Mega Drive on the side of the road so it's entirely likely that it'll explode sooner or later haha Living it up while I can. What's the verdict on the PS4 though? I'm always pretty behind on consoles so I'm wondering if its worth catching up.

    9 Abr 14h55 Responder
  • lecube

    Oh man. Pod Racer is the shit. I really need to pick up my own copy of that. Yeah, I finished Uni last year so I know that feel well. At the moment I'm working as a teacher at a primary school. Pretty crazy stuff. It's school holidays at the moment though so I'm living that up right now by reading comics and playing Mega Drive. Yeah son.

    9 Abr 1h40 Responder
  • lecube

    Hey man. What's been happening?

    7 Abr 2h29 Responder
  • lecube

    Man, the 2D one was fucking ace. It took so long for me to find that on DVD, I ended up getting it from a second-hand store by sheer luck. The 3D one is okay but its nowhere near as good. Fucking Pod Racing was so good. I played that game so much that, to this day, I still know every single course and every single shortcut by heart. I haven't played the Force Unleashed games, unfortunately. Once again, games my PC can't handle. I'll probably pick up the DS versions second hand when I see them cheap.

    17 Mar 2013 Responder
  • lecube

    Yeah, Kit Fisto is the tentacle head. If you haven't seen the old 2D Clone Wars cartoon, you should check it out. He has some pretty cool moments in it. Yeah, I don't have Steam just because I like to own the physical copy of the game rather than just the files. Its the same reason I don't buy music off iTunes...but it also means my room is full of CDs, DVDs and games and not much else haha. The Star Wars game I had as a kid was that Pod Racing one for Nintendo 64. I played that SO much. It was awesome.

    16 Mar 2013 Responder
  • lecube

    I dunno, man. I think being poorly written is enough reason for something to be bad haha. I really dig Mace Windu basically just because he's a typical Samuel L Jackson character except he's also a Jedi. Quinlan Vos and Kit Fisto are pretty cool too. I haven't played KOTOR just because my computer can't handle it. First thing I'm doing when I buy my new laptop.

    14 Mar 2013 Responder
  • lecube

    The best Star Wars books by far are the Zahn books. The Thrawn Triology, Hand of Thrawn duology and a bunch of standalone novels. Those are the only really important ones. My logic has always been that the EU exists to make the original trilogy worse and the prequels better. A lot of the prequel stuff is pretty cool with the Jedi Order and whatnot but that doesn't mean there's not some real stinkers in there. 'Children of the Jedi' by Barbara Hambly was the worst I've read. It involves a woman transferring her husband's mind into a droid when he's dying, Luke banging a ghost and then that ghost taking over the body of the droid lady. It was almost worth reading just because it was so bad.

    12 Mar 2013 Responder
  • lecube

    Humphries is totally killing it so far. Uncanny X-Force is only two issues in and I am already obsessed with it. I hope it keeps up this standard. Wolverine at the moment has gotten so bad. He's in full-on teacher mode and he's going all high-and-mighty on people. Dude, you spent like 200 years straight killing people, chill the fuck out haha. I haven't read Dark Empire either. The only Star Wars comics I've read fully was Tales of the Jedi and that wasn't great. I've read most of the novels though.

    12 Mar 2013 Responder
  • lecube

    Wolverine books are all sooooo bad. The all-women one has been pushed back until May unfortunately. I'm really keen for that one, Brian Wood's last run on X-Men was wicked and his Star Wars has been pretty decent so far.

    11 Mar 2013 Responder
  • lecube

    I hear that, man. I hear that haha. X-Men was what got me into comics originally so I guess I'm just kind of used to all the confusing nonsense by now. No way do I buy all the million X-Titles that run at once though. I pick up the first issue usually and drop anything that doesn't grab me right away. The problem is that since Marvel Now there's been too many good ones running.

    11 Mar 2013 Responder
  • lecube

    Ultimate Marvel is a bit hit and miss for me. Ultimate X-Men and Ultimate Spider-Man have both been pretty great for the majority of their runs but the Ultimates is generally pretty awful. My favourite Marvel alternate reality thing was probably Exiles which was a team of X-Men from different universes who hopped between universes and solved missions that affected the multiverse. Its pretty cool. They tried it again recently with X-Treme X-Men but that was not great.

    10 Mar 2013 Responder
  • lecube

    Elseworlds totally shits all over Marvel's stupid 'What If?' comics...escpecially seeing as most of their "what ifs" have actually happened by now. I'll give DC points for that one haha.

    10 Mar 2013 Responder
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