Ok I just wrote this...


Abr 16 2006, 3h18


What would be, if you and me could write and sing in harmony,
What you'd say, if here today, i'm wishing I could find a way,


O that it were possible we might but hold some two day conference with the dead,

But now you see we're left alone,
It's hard to see, this far from home,
You're in my head, you're in my mind,
Thinking back, you star, you shined,

It's hard to say; although you mean a lot to me,
although you're in my poetry,
it's not exclusive about you,
i'm thinking about others toom

It's only in retrospect that we see that which should have been, all too clear...

Although I got left behind by you,
I can't have bitter feelings, true -
You left us here but not to blame,
For being taken at height of fame,
You're not at fault, brought to a halt,
Imagine what would have been,
With two years more, or maybe twelve,
The things you would have seen,

Do you ever wonder what people could accomplish if they could stay here longer?
Or what they'd think, when ten years on, would they cower or be stronger?

They died too young...

Just Imagine...
What could have been...

I was like wooot, how did i do that? its mainly based on john lennon (even though i'm not that huge a fan) but its also slightly about kurt cobain too. and jimi hendrix. pretty much any artist i like that died too young :(


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