• I appologise for doubting JK

    Abr 20 2011, 16h01

    Wasnt really looking forward to a Tues night rumble with JK but overall a pretty darned good evening. I think the sting from the cost of the ticket took the shine off going but with a fantastic full 10/11 piece band and a very well lit stage it was well worth going (still not sure about the £50 though!!!??). The stage had some good video footage of slanets, fire, pyramids, more planets, rockets etc all mixed into the performance. 6 or so massive glowing planets hung over the stange which looked pretty impressive. I think most of his budget went an a sooper bass booster which was used to great effect about 5 times during the eve. You could hear the crown gasp as we all stood there vibrating from head to toe. I've never felt bass like it.
    Will deff see him again. Small venue I hope..!!!
  • Fantastic

    Mar 2 2011, 10h18

    Ray was fantastic last night. great venue for him. Soft smokey sound. Great vocals and spot on ballancing. Really enjoyed it even with the hassle at the start when we sat in somebody elses seats..!!! ooops..!!
    I need to learn lap guitar. His backing band are spot on..!!!
  • Black blues rock from The Keys...!!!

    Jul 13 2010, 9h22

    After seeing The Black Keys for the first time at this years Glastonbury I was a little disapointed as I thought they would have been a little grittier. Luckily this disnt put me off seeing them a few days later in Manchester. The band frickin rocked. Great guitar licks and tricks with monster stompy drums. Real treat. If you like The White Stripes and Seasick Steve then The Black Keys are right up your street. They tower above the competition.
    In the middle of the set they brought out a keyboard player and bassist to play tracks from the most recent album. Very nice indeed...!!!