• how does it happen?

    Abr 16 2010, 18h18

    i thank god for music.
    every day.
    even the days when i dont listen to any music at all. all i can think about is slipping on my headphones and drowning my sorrows in a sea of sounds. i thank him for the creators of music. and i thank him for allowing me to hear it.
    music . i l o v e y o u.
    thank you for always being there.
    how a few sounds, make you feel, can change the course of your entire life.
    be greatful god has given you ears and search far and wide for the music that makes your heart change your mind. search for the sounds you want to make, and make them.

    He who sings scares away his woes. ~Cervantes

    Music is what feelings sound like

    There's music in the sighing of a reed;
    There's music in the gushing of a rill;
    There's music in all things, if men had ears:
    Their earth is but an echo of the spheres. ~Lord Byron
  • genres

    Mar 11 2010, 23h20

    i like all kinds of music. thats not to say that i do not dislike some things that i hear. because i do. there are often times that i do not like music. even when i dont particularly like or enjoy an entire song, i am pretty sure that there will be elements or aspects of said song, that i really do like.

    when people label the music they make as 'certain genres' that is entirely their choice.

    to me, genre, is an opinion, and or guide, to what you are hearing. a way to describe the sound/artist without putting it inside of a container that keeps new production from expanding or growing into what the art/song is meant to be.

    i feel that just because one person thinks something sounds like another does not mean that they are the same!!!!!!

    yeah.. maybe.. they are!..
    but thay really arent.
    they deserve the respect and signification that all artists who honestly put forth their works are entitled to.
  • thoughts on lyrics

    Out 11 2009, 1h46

    as far as lyrics go, that i listen to, this is how i feel about them.
    words are awesomeness. and i love writing and reading. but, sometimes.. i feel empty and blank and there are no words to be found and theres somedays when i just want to close my eyes and quit reading..and hear. so, i listen to other peoples words. sometimes i want some music that is funny and loud and crazy. sometimes i want something sweet and cute. some days i dig the everything in between. it all depends...

    somedays i dont want to hear anything except for the sound of sounds itself... music without words, that lets me create my own. when you get emotion from a robot its trippy... LOL... but its amazing and awesome.

    when someone writes lyrics for a song [hopefully] they know that not everyone is going to interpret theirr vision the exact way they do.

    lets ride bikes into the sea

    and i hearts robots [all kinds]
  • blink 182

    Jun 26 2009, 17h12

    i love them so much. i think they are the only band i can remember all the lyrics to. they are sweet and dorky and gross and hott. i love them more than any other band. i remember when i met this girl and she saw my blink182 posters. she was so jealous, she didnt even know who blink was. haha.