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Dez 9 2009, 22h17

Once upon a time some Spam Artist decided to go around a bunch of people's profiles and say something along the lines of "Hey! Check out Museum cos they're a proper good unsigned band!"

For some reason unknown to me I actually clicked on the link to Museum's page and I listened to Flowers And Dust, For The Very First Time, To Have Or To Be, Uncorrupted, Eden and The Law.

I immediately liked what I heard and was disappointed to learn that dispite having several thousand listeners that they were still unsigned.

Turns out though that these guys.... are from Germany.

Now, it might be because I'm British and my only exposure to German "RAWK!!!" music has been Rammstein, but I didn't have a clue that there were some German bands out there putting out excellent alternative/indie rock.

Thanks to Museum, I found Slut. Slut have strangely never been to the UK. Perhaps their name has something to do with it but having done some research it seems that "Slut" isn't a German word and so they might just be called that to offend. That seems unlikely though as their music is anything but offensive. It's melodic but has that little bit of "grrr" that my ears seem to be attracted to.

Using the SUPER MEGA AWESOME tool that is the "Similar Artists" button on I also found Blackmail. Yep. You guessed it. Another German band. With more "grrr" than Slut. Blackmail are what is technically referred to as "frickin awesome". The downside of Blackmail is that their lead singer seems to have run off with another band. Whether or not Blackmail are carrying on without him... I dunno. I kinda hope they do.

So what happens when the lead singer of Blackmail forms a new band? Ken happens. That's what. Ken don't have the immediate appeal that Blackmail had for me. I attribute this to a diluted amount of "grrr" in Ken's sound. Never the less, they still make some good songs and with the distinctive vocals that did so well for Blackmail.

So there you go. If you're German you probably didn't need to read this. But if you're not German and you like the kinda music that I like. Try these bands. They have some "grrr".


  • TheGuitarMo

    I'm German, I read it and I am very delighted to see Blackmail & Ken being also( well, not well-known but ) known in Britain ! Thumbs up! Actually, they're not that popular in Germany, too. Shame on Germany :D So, I'm happy that I found this entry or whatever it might be called. I gonna listen to that band called Slut, never heard of it, but it must be quite good, as you described it ( grrr )!! Kind Regards to crouchingotter moe

    Dez 15 2009, 17h25
  • Deus_Vult

    "my only exposure to German "RAWK!!!" music has been Rammstein" Here is your problem. Rammstein is like pop music.

    Dez 26 2009, 15h21
  • ashtray_heart

    heheh, i went through the exact same "oh, museum has free tracks...what's this...hold the phone, german indie music is awesome!" similar artists spiral. It's such a shame they don't get more exposure outside of Deutschland, 'cause it's a bitch trying to find their albums anywhere. Tomte and Kante are some other good ones, if you haven't checked them out yet.

    Jan 9 2010, 1h48
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